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Storage Standard Liability

We Pick Up. We Store. We Return.

What is storage insurance?

  • Done Icon. Vector. Storage insurance is piece of mind that your items are covered, should the unthinkable happen, whilst they are in our possession. It covers you for the loss, theft or damage of your belongings through the duration of your storage with STORED.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Self-storage insurance covers you against both personal and business items and all the risks that could occur during a storage period – these include, fire, flooding, theft, accidental damage and loss.
  • Done Icon. Vector. No matter if you are a student, small business or young family our liability is included in your package.

Why do you need storage insurance?

  • Done Icon. Vector. Without storage insurance you aren’t covering your back for anything that can happen to your items whilst in the STORED’s possession.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Your belongings are in the possession of STORED from the minute they pick them up from your home/office and you have signed the form to say that we have everything. If you weren’t to have insurance, then anything to happen between this point and us getting it back to you would not be covered and you may just have to deal with the loss of your items.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Luckily, all STORED student packages are covered with £500 liability as standard no matter of the size of unit or the length of time you are storing with us. If you also feel like this doesn’t cover you for your items, then we also offer liability packages up to around £20,000 a month.

How much does storage insurance in the UK cost?

As mentioned above, we give every customer £500 liability cover as standard with every storage package we put together.

If you feel like you are going to need more than this then we also offer a number of liability package add-ons for a small fee every month:













We also ask any of our customers that are hoping to sort items over the cost of £1,000 that you contact us prior to your collection so that we can make sure we are providing you with the right amount of liability cover.

What is not covered in the STORED liability package?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover you for every single risk that may happen under our storage insurance packages – there are a few things that may be out of our hands or, due to not meeting the terms written out in our agreement, we won’t be liable for.

These include:

  • Done Icon. Vector. Loss or damage to cars/other vehicles.
  • Done Icon. Vector. The breakdown of electrical or mechanical items that isn’t from a physical piece of damage or caused by fire, flood, collision or overturning of road vehicles.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Any breakages or damage that occurs to items packed by the customer (including trunks, suitcases etc.) unless it is as a direct result of collisions or overturning of road vehicles.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Any loss or damage that occurs before or after the STORED collection, packing/return, unpacking services.
  • Done Icon. Vector. Loss or damage to items such as jewellery, precious stones etc. as we ask customers in our fine print not to store these things with us.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full breakdown of everything that isn’t covered as part of our liability package.

Do you provide student storage insurance?

We do include our liability packages as standard in all of our student storage also. This is included with all the same terms and conditions as our other packages and gives you exactly the same cover so you aren’t left without any help should anything happen.

Frequently asked questions

Our policy covers the unit as a whole rather than per item.
Yes, you can. You can select your required amount when making your booking online. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our storage consultants on 020 3637 1234.
Your items are covered up to £500. This is included in the price of your storage unit. If you need, we can increase this for you but it becomes chargeable.
  • What information do I need in the event of making a claim?
    1. Signed collection sheet from the day you had your collection with us
    2. Signed return sheet from the day you had your return booked with us
    3. A completed copy of the damage claim form, signed and scanned back to us
    4. Photographic evidence of the damaged item
    5. Proof of purchase – Receipt or invoice (Credit card statements will only be accepted where the item is clearly detailed)
    6. Proof of cost of replacement or proof of cost of repair
  • The more information you can provide, the quicker the process can be completed. If you don’t have all of the information, don’t worry. We will still be able to process your claim, it will just take longer than if we have all of the necessary information.
In the unlikely event that you need to make a claim, please contact us on 020 3637 1234. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] . Our team will be able to walk you through the process and across your damage claim procedure form.
  • £1,000 = £10 per month
  • £5,000 = £20 per month
  • £10,000 = £30 per month
  • £20,000 = £40 per month