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Are you in need of space saving furniture for your small apartment? 

Take a look at these 20 space saving furniture ideas, that will help you transform your house quickly!

So if you are looking for:

  • Space saving beds
  • Space saving desks
  • Space saving table
  • Space saving sofas
  • Space saving chair

You need to take a look at this list of brilliant space saving ideas. 

Category 1: Space Saving Beds

Idea #1: Low Modern Attic Bed

Low Modern Attic Bed.

Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

Here is your dose of small bedroom inspiration. 

This space saving bed for adults is a great way to earn some extra space in your bedroom.

At the same time, you can have a bed that is truly convenient for you and your partner. 

The bed is lower than usual but doesn’t lack in style or comfort. 

Make sure to check it out. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £309

Website: Get Laid Beds

Idea #2: Storage Bed

Here is an amazing space saving furniture. 

This is one of the most interesting space saving beds for small rooms.

As you can see, this exceptional bed offers you ¾ sized under bed storage, where you can store pillows, blankets, and even clothes. 

It is, without a doubt, one of the best options for small bedrooms.

Note that this one doesn’t have a headboard as most king-sized beds have. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £309

Website: Get Laid Beds

Idea #3: Double Platform Bed

How to utilize space in a small bedroom? 

You need a bed like the Kano Double Platform Bed. 

This space saving bed offers you under bed storage so that you can store items when you don’t have enough space in your bedroom. 

It’s modern, and it’s a great bed for small spaces. 

Make sure to check it out. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £199


Idea #4: Vancouver Cabin Bed

Cabin bed.

Photo by Devin Kleu on Unsplash

Here is a smart storage idea for small bedrooms. 

This bed is ideal for children bedrooms that lack extra space. 

It is comfortable, but at the same time has storage space that can be used to store toys, clothes, and more. 

This type of multifunctional furniture for small spaces is in high demand right now. 

If you are constantly looking for more space in your apartment, I suggest that you consider this as an option.

Ideal for: Children

Price: £239

Website: time4sleep

Idea #5: Day-bed frame with 3 drawers

Day-bed frame with drawers.

Photo by DLC on Unsplash

How to make the most of a small bedroom? 

You need space-efficient furniture like the one pictured above. 

Think of it as a space saving sofa bed. 

It has 3 drawers which you can use as a storage space and a comfortable mattress for one person. 

And, it’s one of the best space saving bed ideas. 

Ideal for: Families/ Children

Price: £240

Website: IKEA

Category 2: Space Saving Desks

Idea #6: Theron Desk

This is the first space saving desk I have for you. 

It’s a space saving bedroom furniture that is both convenient and practical. 

You can use it to work or read, and you can also store some items in the two drawers that it has on the bottom.  

This space-efficient furniture is convenient for almost every type of house. 

Check it out online in the link that follows. 

Ideal for: Students/ Young professionals

Price: £172.99


Idea #7: Straight Desk

The Oxford Cantilever Straight Desk by Manutan is ideal for students and young professionals. 

It has plenty of space for your computer or laptop and books, but at the same time won’t take too much space in your bedroom or living room. 

If your budget is tight and you don’t have too much space at your apartment, then this one should be your option. 

It’s a piece of furniture for small spaces that is affordable and convenient.

Ideal for: Students/ Young professionals

Price: £139

Website: Manutan

Idea #8: Floating Desk

Floating desk.

Photo by Matt Rich on Unsplash

Let’s move on with yet another amazing small house furniture. 

You can use it as a home desk and as a place to store books, magazines, and other items. 

You can have installed in your living room, as it is modern and really practical as a storage space. 

If you want to discover more space saving furniture for small apartments like this one, keep reading. 

Ideal for: Young Couples/ Families

Price: £209.99


Idea #9: L-Shape Computer Desk

L shaped desk.

Photo by on Unsplash

Similar to the one we just saw—but without the storage space—it is the L-Shape Computer Desk. 

This space saving desk is ideal for:

  • People working with multiple screens (i.e. graphic designers)
  • Early-stage startups and small companies
  • Music producers

Not only it will help you save time, but it will allow you to use the corners in your house more effectively. 

Ideal for: Students/ Young professionals

Price: £89.99


Idea #10: Simple Student Desk

Here is another excellent compact bedroom furniture. 

This one is ideal for students and young professionals who are flat-sharing. 

It has three drawers you can use to store personal items and even books. 

Without a doubt, it is one of the best small room ideas I have for you. 

Pair it with a modern chair and a file cabinet, and you are good to go!

Ideal for: Students/ Young professionals

Price: £206.99


Idea #11: Desk combination

Space saving desk with drawers.

Photo by on Unsplash

As you already know, when it comes to space saving furniture, IKEA offers some of the best (and most affordable choices) out there. 

The KALLAX Desk combination is a space saving desk is connected to eight individual storage boxes. 

This type of convertible furniture is very popular right now. 

You can install it both in your living room and your bedroom. 

The best part? 

It’s one of the most affordable space saving desks on the market. 

Ideal for: Students/ Young professionals

Price: £66

Website: IKEA

Category 3: Space Saving Sofas

Idea #12: Comfortable Sofabed

Sofa bed.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There are many sofas for small spaces. 

What makes this one special? 

It’s a sofa and a bed at the same time. 

If you have guests often at night, or if you find yourself sleeping in the living room in front of the TV, then you need a sofabed like this. 

Let’s move on to the next one. 

Ideal for: Families/ Young couples

Price: £459


Idea #13: Black 3-seater sofa bed

Black flat sofa bed.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

This is one of the best couches for small spaces.

You may wonder why. 

It’s because you can turn it into a bed whenever you want. 

And, in contrast with other similar sofabeds, this one is really easy to use. 

It’s affordable too; make sure to check it out. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £215.50

Website: Maisons du Monde

Idea #14: Snooze Sofa Bed

This sofa is ideal for small rooms.

“No,” this is not a sofa for families. 

However, it is ideal for young couples and young professionals. 

And, if a couple of your friends decide to spend the night at your home, just turn this sofa into a bed, and you are good to go. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £749

Website: Calvers & Sundal

Idea #15: 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Ok, I have to be honest. 

This is not what you’d typically call a space saving sofa nor small room furniture. 

But, think about how many people can sit there, and how comfortable this sofa can be as a bed. 

So I would say this is an excellent sofabed for families living in London. 

Let’s move on to the next one. 

Ideal for: Families

Price: £1,249


Category 4: Space Saving Table and Chairs

Idea #16: Dining Set with 4 Chairs

Collapsible table and chairs.

Photo by on Unsplash

This is a great example of a space saving dining table.

It is an excellent folding dining table for small spaces that is ideal for gardens and backyards. 

You can move it wherever you want, fold it, expand it, and even pack it and store it for future usage. 

It’s convenient, and I would say it is one of the best space saving garden furniture. 

Now let’s move on to the next one. 

Ideal for: Students

Price: £299.99


Idea #17: 3ft Dining Table with 4 Chairs

Here is another space saver table with chairs.

It belongs to the category of compact furniture, and besides being really practical, it’s modern too. 

It may not be cheap, but it’s definitely high-quality furniture. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £619

Website: Oak furnitureland

Idea #18: Folding Console In To A Dining Table Set 

Here is another interesting space saver table, along with cheap folding chairs. 

The table folds into a console and then expands into a dining table for 3-4 persons. 

The chairs are also foldable, and they are easy to store. 

It is one of the most affordable space saving dining sets you can find online.

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £262.45

Website: Furniture in Fashion

Idea #19: Dining Table with Grey High Back Stools

Small round table with black chairs.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Here is another space saving dining table with four chairs. 

As you can see, the table and the chairs become one when folded. 

When expanded, this dining set is comfortable, modern, and very practical. 

Let’s move on to the last one. 

Ideal for: Young couples

Price: £359

Website: Great Furniture Trading Co.

Idea #20: Wood Dining Set – with 1 Dining Table & 2 Benches

This is the last space saving furniture idea I have for you. 

This dining table pairs with two benches you can use as chairs, which you can put beneath the table when you are not using the table. 

Cool, right? 

Make sure to check this one out at Furniture123. 

Ideal for: Families/ Young couples

Price: £169.97

Website: Furniture123

Need Extra Space? 

I hope that you found the space saving furniture ideas in this list to be useful. 

If you feel that you need more space, then you might need to consider a storage solution.

This way, you won’t have to:

  • Spend money to buy new furniture
  • Worry about not having enough space
  • Look for ways to feel more comfortable in your own house

If you need a reliable and affordable storage solution, you can contact us at 020 3637 1234, and talk to one of our storage experts.

We are here to help you with your needs.

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