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According to a study conducted in 2020-2021, a total of 605,130 international students came to the UK for higher education. The UK has been the number one choice for international students for decades due to prestigious educational institutes offering high-quality academic degrees.

The life of a foreign exchange student in London is exciting, engaging, and thrilling. It is filled with new experiences where students learn essential life navigating skills by leaving apart from their families. International students often live in shared accommodation on campus or as paying guests near their educational institute.

If you are an international student living in London, you must face one of the most common problems; a shortage of space. Shared accommodation and dorm rooms often have very small rooms and limited storage space, which entails many student issues. Self-storage units are highly practical for international students.

Why Do Foreign Exchange Students Require Additional Storage?

Foreign exchange students come from far-off countries; they tend to bring a lot of stuff with them. Shortage of space makes it impossible to live comfortably, which is why you must rent a student storage unit. Below are some reasons why self-storage units are necessary for international students.

Accumulation Of Stuff

Foreign exchange students try their best to make themselves comfortable in a new country. They bring along a lot of stuff, including seasonal clothes, crockery, small furniture items, and things that hold emotional importance. Apart from the things they bring home, they buy a lot of stuff to make their lives comfortable.

It is very easy for international students to accumulate stuff, especially if they live in a small space. Once you let go of your surroundings, it can get cluttered pretty fast. The additional storage space of the student storage unit will help you stay organised and keep your living space clutter-free.

Foreign students can use the additional storage space to store their bulky seasonal clothes, accessories, and random clutter. The great thing about these storage units is they are easily accessible, and students can make a quick run to grab anything they require.


The self-storage industry is very developed and versatile in London. You can access a storage facility no matter where you live. Every town, borough, and city of London has several storage providers at a highly economical price. Due to challenging market competition, these storage facilities’ prices are pretty low, so students can easily afford small-sized storage units.

Even though self-storage units are not considered necessary for the general masses, foreign exchange students are. Universities in London realise the severity of this situation which is why almost every university in London has exclusive contracts with storage companies to give discounted student storage packages to their students.

This is why self-storage units are highly recommended for international students. It is a cost-effective option that is readily available and highly reliable.

Perfect For Semester Break

The academic year in London ends in the fall, which is the time of year when universities send their students for semester breaks. Semester breaks in London are as long as six weeks in summer, two weeks for Easter and Christmas. This is the time when most international students prefer to travel back to their homeland to spend some time with their loved ones.

Storage facilities are the go-to option for students as they can free up their rented accommodation and put their belongings in the storage units. Students can also store all their furniture and belongings in specialised storage furniture units. If you are a student and want to travel back home stress-free, opt for storage facilities and not for a garage.

Contact your nearest self-storage facility today if you are a homesick student and have an extended vacation from university. Once all your belongings are safely tucked away in a storage unit, you, too, can visit back home without worry.

Keeps Everything Safe And Secure

The safety of all your belongings should be a reason enough for choosing a self-storage unit. As a university student, you have to leave your accommodation for long hours, exams, and sometimes internships. Security is one of the main reasons students prefer to rent storage units instead of cheap and shabby garages.

Storage companies take special measures to ensure all storage units are safe and protected. Almost every storage company has 24-hour CCTV surveillance, protected entry and exit points, and on-site security. Once your belongings are locked in a storage unit, you can carry on with your studies or travel stress-free.

If you are someone who remains anxious about the safety of your belongings, we have a solution for you. Apart from all the security measures, many storage facilities offer liability insurance, which is an excellent way of mental satisfaction for some people. This insurance can cover the cost of your belongings in case of any damage.


Students are almost always overworked, tired and short on deadlines. They have a strict schedule of classes, lectures, and seminars that are hard to miss, which makes them follow a rigorous routine. This scenario restricts them from searching for a cheap garage for storage.

The great thing about self-storage companies is they are highly accessible no matter what part of London you reside in. Leading storage companies offer a free collection of the stuff you want to store right from your address. This option of easy accessibility is perfect for students.

Some storage companies offer free van rentals, packing material, or a forklift for easy transportation. All these facilities continue to make self-storage units the best choice for students of London.

The Verdict

Students usually live on the go; they have fixed schedules and tight deadlines, which is why self-storage facilities are highly recommended. The accessibility, flexibility, and practicality of storage units are a huge plus for students,
Storage units are cheap, reliable, and functional; they are safe, secure, and perfect. If you are a student with excess baggage and limited storage space, rent a storage unit today to solve all your storage problems.

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