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Undoubtedly, the self-storage industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the UK. The demand for secondary storage options is so strong that the storage industry flourished even during the pandemic and recession. What keeps it going is the undying need for personal, domestic, student, and business storage units at affordable prices.

Do you need a storage unit but are hesitant because of its cost? Rising inflation has made living expensive, and the same goes for storage unit prices. Luckily in the UK, you can find storage units starting from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds per week. With so many options, the customer is truly in charge of what they want.

Pricing of storage units London is very much like the pricing of real estate; the higher the demand in the area, the higher its price. You can understand storage pricing by breaking it into various categories. Once you know how things work, you can work out an economical deal for yourself and snag a storage unit at a low price.

Five Factors That Affect Storage Unit prices

One mistake that most people make is they go out looking for the perfect storage unit, but they fail to do their research. Renting a storage unit is a financial commitment; it becomes all the more crucial when you are renting for a long time.

Don’t just book the first storage unit you come across; some tricks will help you save cash or upgrade storage size on the same budget. We have listed some critical factors that directly influence storage unit prices; a little research will lead you to your perfect storage match.

Location Of The Storage Facility

The storage facility’s location primarily impacts the storage unit’s prices. As a rule of thumb, storage unit prices go higher with proximity to residential areas. The more accessible the storage facility, the higher its price.

In the past, storage facilities were only built outside the residential areas, so people had to waste a lot of time commuting. Now storage facilities are accessible in all parts of London, but this ease comes with a price. You can save up some cash by renting a storage unit outside the residential area if you know you won’t need to access it regularly.

Getting a storage unit near your residence or work is highly advisable if you intend to visit your storage unit regularly. It might cost you a little more, but you will save a lot in terms of fuel and time.

Size Of Your Storage Unit

Every storage facility offers a range of different storage unit sizes. You can rent a small 10sqft storage unit and a warehouse, depending on your need. Whatever storage unit size you choose, its price is determined by the size. You pay for every square inch, which means the larger the storage unit you rent, the higher its price may be.

Usually, storage facilities offer discounts if you choose a large storage unit; if you have a lot of stuff, we recommend you go for it and save some bucks in the long run. You can make a smaller storage unit work by following organisational hacks and stacking techniques. Make sure not to downsize much, as filling a storage unit to the brim is also not recommended.

Types Of Storage Units

The advancement in the storage industry has yielded some amazing benefits for the general public. Storage options have become diverse and innovative with time. The tough competition has shifted the focus to satisfy customers at all costs. Self-storage London companies offer a diverse range of services, all tailored to specific needs.

Indoor and outdoor storage units serve different purposes and have different prices. If you want to store things that don’t have a chance of getting damaged from intense temperature, an outdoor storage unit will serve the purpose and cost significantly less than an indoor storage facility. People often choose indoor storage facilities when they require high security or want a climate-controlled storage facility.

Some more advanced storage unit types based on their functionality include the following.


The storage industry has come far from just rows of steel storage units. Now you get reliable storage units with top-notch customer service and a warm welcome. Apart from storage services, storage companies offer several amenities that make your life easy.

Well-established storage companies charge a reasonable amount if you want to take benefit of their amenities. Your storage unit price will significantly increase if you also want to pick and drop. If you don’t have any help and some extra cash to spare, we advise you to take full benefit of these amenities and make your storage experience pleasant.

Sometimes amenities become more of a necessity, and so you can opt for 24-hour surveillance or a high-security storage unit if you want to store stuff with higher value in your storage unit. Some of the amenities offered are the following.

  • Collection and drop-off
  • Van rental
  • On-premises forklift
  • Packing material
  • Packing service
  • Assembling and dissembling furniture
  • Cleaning service

Duration Of Tenancy

The cost of your storage unit will also be affected by your length of stay. The longer you want to use the storage facility, the more you have to pay. Self-storage London companies charge monthly or weekly, depending on company policy.

One thing to consider is that storage companies might have a minimum stay period starting from three months to six months, which may vary from company to company. Some storage providers work relentlessly to have repeat customers, which is why they often offer promotional discounts. You can save cash if you decide to store long-term and pay upfront to some storage companies.


The storage industry has evolved into a one-stop shop for all your storage needs, whether moving, packing, or business storage solutions. If you direly need a storage unit and the price can be a problem for you, follow our above mentions pointers and you can get a storage unit for cheap.

People who want the maximum facility can book an all-inclusive storage facility like BYSTORED and enjoy the benefits of storage without putting in any work.

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