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Surrey is a ceremonial county in South East England, known for its beautiful countryside vibes, vibrant market towns, and fantastic weather. It’s a perfect haven for people who want to enjoy nature, without losing sight of their careers and goals. Are you moving to the beautiful county of Surrey in 2023 and looking for places to live?

We get it, finding the right place to live is not easy. You have to look at rent, commute costs, location, infrastructure, and a lot more. It’s why we’ve done all the research for you. Read on to find some awe-inspiring locations and some secret tips to make your move into this beautiful county as smooth as a midsummer breeze.

8 Best Places to Live in Surrey

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We looked at the best places in Surrey based on costs, opportunities, good schools, and entertainment. After some knee-deep research, we shortlisted the top 8 places.

  • Guildford
  • Oxted
  • Reigate
  • Woking
  • Leatherhead
  • Woking
  • East Molesey
  • Reigate

Area #1: Guildford

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Guildford is located 43 km away from London in the borough of Guildford (Very original). Guildford is one of the most heavily populated areas in Surrey, with a population of 77,000. This well-developed county has enough pubs and restaurants, high streets, and job opportunities for everyone. 

You can visit the general market on Fridays and Saturdays, and a Farmer’s market on Tuesdays. If you’re looking for some open space and fresh air, take a walk on the banks of the river Wey. The green, lush countryside has beckoned weary travellers from and wide over the years. And perhaps you could be the next one to settle in this part of Surrey.

Here’s an overview of Guildford:

Best For Families, Students, Professionals, Explorers
Population 77,000
Average Housing Price in Guildford £584,000
Average Detached Property Price in Guildford £989,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Guildford £566,000
Average Flat Price in Guildford £311,000
Distance from London 43 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Bushy Hill, Northmead Junior, Guildford County, St. Peter’s, King’s College, Royal Grammar, Tormead High, Guildford High, University of Law, Guildford School of Acting, Guildford College of Further and Higher Education, Guildford School of Art, School of Contemporary Music
Commute Options Guildford railway station, RailAir to Heathrow airport, National Express via route 030 to London, buses
Parks Stoke Park, Allen House Gardens, Pewley Down
Special Events Guildford Walkfest, Guilford Book Festival, Surrey Hills International Music Festival

Area #2: Oxted

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Oxted is the definition of a modern countryside area. This beautiful town is located in the Tandridge district of Surrey, near the foot of the scenic North Downs. With beautiful houses, independent shops, a high street, a diverse food scene, and enough job opportunities, Oxted has everything that you’d ever need. 

Oxted is also a commuter town, like Weybridge. With the Oxted and Hurst Green railway stations, it is thoroughly connected to London. A trip to London takes around 35 minutes to 40 minutes via train. Apart from this, Oxted has outstanding educational institutions like the Hazlewood and Caterham schools.

The sense of community, rich history, and urban-cum-rural combination make Oxted one of England’s best historic market towns. The town is, in all aspects, an improved image of Godalming and Esher.

Here’s an overview of Oxted:

Best For Families, Young Professionals, Adventure Lovers
Population 11,853 (2021 Census)
Average Housing Price in Oxted £770,000
Average Detached Property Price in Oxted £1,185,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Oxted £659,000
Average Flat Price in Oxted £352,000
Distance from London 36.8 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Hazelwood, Caterham
Commute Options Oxted Railway Station, Hurst Green Railway Station, Southdown PSV (4 Routes)
Parks Master Park, Mill Lane Playing Fields, Great and Little Earl Woods
Special Events Beer Festival, Barn Theatre, Pram Race

Area #3: Reigate

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Reigate has a lot to offer for both families and young professionals. It is located about 31 km away from London, in the Vale of Holmesdale. Unlike most quaint towns and villages in Surrey, Reigate is quite active. With enough independent shops and restaurants, along with primary and secondary schools, Reigate is like a small city outside of London. 

Reigate also has extensive links to London and the neighboring areas. For example, it’s only 14 km away from Gatwick Airport, one of the two international airports in Surrey. The Reigate railway station is also quite popular with commuters.

Here’s an overview of Reigate:

Best For Families, Professionals, Students, Young Adults
Population 23,788
Average Housing Price in Reigate £625,000
Average Detached Property Price in Reigate £1,185,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Reigate £659,000
Average Flat Price in Oxted £352,000
Distance from London 31 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Dovers Green, Greensand Primary, Royal Alexandra and Albert, Reigate College
Commute Options Gatwick Airport via Redhill, Reading via Guilford, Reigate railway station, buses to surrounding areas
Parks Dovers Green, Greensand Primary, Royal Alexandra and Albert, Reigate College
Special Events Great Exhibition, Hawaiian Fun Day, Redhill Market

Area #4: Woking

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Woking is a mix of rural and urban styles, located in the borough of Northwest Surrey. Because of its unique mix of greenery with modern infrastructure and large population, Woking has been aptly named the County Town. It is located only 35 km away from and has a well-developed transport system, comparable to Chertsey, Haslemere, and Dorking.

With multiple international standard heavy industries like McLaren Automotive and Asahi Breweries, Woking isn’t short on job opportunities. If you want to tune into the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can take a train to London from the Woking Railway Station. 

The nearby River Wey can be navigated with the help of the Navigation Trust. Woking is a great place for people who want to live close to London without buying a home for exorbitant prices in the city. 

Here’s an overview of Woking:

Best For Families, Professionals, Career Seekers, Students, Adventurers
Population 75,666
Average Housing Price in Woking £772,000
Average Terraced Property Price in Woking £654,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Woking £796,000
Average Flat Price in Woking £440,000
Distance from London 35 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Woking College, Hog Valley School, Bishop David Brown, St John Baptist, Winston Churchill
Commute Options M3, M25, Woking railway station, RailAir service to Heathrow Airport
Parks Horsell Common, Woking Park, Smart’s Heath and Prey Heath, Brookood County Park
Special Events Surrey Marathon, Diwali Lantern Parade, Woking Food and Drinks Festival


Area #5: Windlesham

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Windlesham is located in the quaint borough of Surrey Heath. Dotted with greenery and beautiful houses, Windlesham is like the fairytale town you see in movies. With the Lilly Search Centre, four major institutions, and enough job opportunities. Windlesham has everything a family could ever need.

Windlesham is located only 40 kilometers away from south-west central London. With the M3 Motorway on the Southern End, you can get to London in less than an hour. You can also use the railway station in Bagshot to make your daily commute.

Here’s an overview of Windlesham:

Best For Families, Individuals
Population 17,000
Average Housing Price in Windlesham £650,000
Average Detached Property Price in Windlesham £1,001,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Windlesham £612,000
Average Flat Price in Windlesham £254,000
Distance from London 40 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Windlesham Village Infant School, Woodcote House School
Commute Options M3 Motorway via Junction 3, Bagshot Railway Station
Parks Windlesham Field of Remembrance
Special Events Remembrance Day, Boxing Day, Pram Race

Area #6: Cobham

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Cobham is located in the borough of Elmridge, about 27 km away from South-West London. With enough pubs, a slow-paced lifestyle, modern infrastructure, and a well-developed commute system, Cobham offers peace and freedom to seekers without depriving them of greater opportunities in the city and the village itself. 

The history of this beautiful town dates back to Roman times. Because of its geographic location between Portsmouth and London, Cobham has always been a busy town. You can use the Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon railway station to make the commute to London Waterloo, via the New Guildford Line.

 With enough landmarks and recreational activities, individuals and families alike will find Cobham to their liking. Football fans love this town because Chelsea F.C. has its training grounds in the Cobham training centre. 

Here’s an overview of Cobham:

Best For Families, Young Adults, Professionals
Population 17,506
Average Housing Price in Cobham £1,400,000
Average Detached Property Price in Cobham £2,126,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Cobham £782,500
Average Terraced Property Price in Cobham £668,000
Distance from London 27 Kilometres
Prominent Schools American Community School, Notre Dame School
Commute Options M25 Motorway, A3 Trunk Road, Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon railway
Parks Painshill Park, Silvermere Golf Course
Special Events Beer Festival, Barn Theatre, Pram Race

Area #7: Leatherhead

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Leatherhead is an area of outstanding natural beauty located about 17 km away from Central London, in the Mole Valley district close to Surrey Hills. With a well-developed community and commute structure, Leatherhead is a great town to live in. What’s most remarkable about Leatherhead is its beauty.

With multiple springs, small bridges, and green spaces dotting this expanse of land, Leatherhead is a sight to behold. It’s a great place for families who want to move away from the expensive city without cutting ties to their job or ambition. With enough cafes, pubs, and shops, Leatherhead doesn’t lack much in any category. 

Here’s an overview of Leatherhead:

Best For Families, Young Professionals, Students, Young Adults
Population 11,495
Average Housing Price in Leatherhead £764,000
Average Detached Property Price in Leatherhead £1,154,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in Leatherhead £652,000
Average Flat Price in Leatherhead £326,000
Distance from London 17 Kilometres
Prominent Schools Downsend, St. John’s, School for Indigent Blind
Commute Options Leatherhead railway station, Falcon Buses
Parks King George V memorial gardens, Leech Grove Woods, Mansion Gardens, Park Gardens
Special Events Beer Festival, Barn Theatre, Pram Race

Area #8: East Molesey

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There are many villages in Surrey, but only a few can boast of being located on the South Bank of the River Thames. East Molesey is a part of the borough of Elmridge. East Molesey has plenty of good shops and restaurants, independent markets, and leisure centres.

East Molesey retains a charm of its own with its distinct houses, educational centres, and community like spirit. Since its located only a few kilometres away from the city of London, East Molesey offers enough opportunities for young families to thrive and survive. It’s one of the best places in Surrey to raise a family.

Here’s an overview of East Molesey:

Best For Families, Students, Young Adults, Professionals
Population 8,568
Average Housing Price in East Molesey £772,000
Average Terraced Property Price in East Molesey £655,000
Average Semi-Detached Property Price in East Molesey £796,000
Average Flat Price in East Molesey £441,000
Distance from London 20 Kilometres
Prominent Schools St. Alban’s, The Orchard School, Hurst Park Primary
Commute Options Hampton Court railway station, Hampton Ferry, bus service
Parks Hurst Meadows, Hampton Court Green, the Magic Garden
Special Events Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Taste of the Carribean, Notting Hill Carnival

Tips to Move to Surrey

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Here are some extra tips for people looking to move to Surrey.

  • Redhill East is perhaps the most affordable place to buy a home in Surrey. The average price of a house in Redhill East is £385,000. It’s a wonderful place for individuals and families because of its amenities and facilities. 
  • Woking is the most culturally diverse part of Surrey. It has all kinds of people from different backgrounds and a nice lifestyle. It’s the ideal place for people who want to feel at home in the UK. 
  • Settle in a place with good transport links. A town well-connected to the capital, like Leatherhead, will open up a lot more opportunities for you. 
  • If you’re moving to Surrey with your family, search for places with primary schools, good hospitals, and other related perks. Guildford, in Surrey, is a great town with plenty of educational institutions and modern infrastructure. 
  • Consult the local council or other authorities to determine the taxes and local laws. It will help you understand the costs and benefits of living in any area. 
  • Moving comes with its set of problems, one of which is storage and transportation. Let us at STORED take care of your moving woes. 

STORED Helps You Live in Surrey

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STORED is a door-to-door moving and storage service that makes your journey easier. People pour a lot of their valuable money into subpar storage and extra moving costs. In the process, they also have to account for damage to their furniture and other valuable items. STORED solves these issues with the Innovative STORED Model. Have a look at our storage in Surrey page.

Here’s how STORED works:

  • You look through our storage units and find one that suits your needs.
  • You can call us via 020 3637 1234 or book online. Choose a date and time that best suit your schedule.
  • Our moving experts show up at your doorstep.
  • They help you pack (if required) and load everything safely into the storage vehicle. 
  • They transport everything to the secure storage units and store it.
  • You keep track of everything with our online inventory tool.
  • When you need something back, you place a request with your new address.
  • STORED will deliver everything back to your home. 

With multiple storage facilities across the UK, STORED is always ready to help you make the best choices. Our removal and moving service will have everything you cherish transported to your new home in no time at all.

STORED is also the most affordable storage and moving solution in the UK. We offer discounts on long-term storage and student storage. So book an appointment online today and get STORED the right way!


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