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Building a book collection takes time and money. It’s one of the many pleasures of being an avid reader. However, when the situation arises that you have to shift, then the thought of moving books causes stress because you don’t want to damage your precious collection. 

While it may seem simple to purchase an enormous box and fill it to the brim with books, it’s not that easy. Packing books for moving requires forward planning. You will need to develop a strategy that makes the packing process and transfer safe and manageable. Fortunately, we have some great tips to help you with how to pack books!

Declutter Before You Pack

Firstly, you have to sort through your collection. We aren’t recommending something as extreme as owning only 30 books, as Marie Kondo suggests. But decluttering will freshen up your collection, and the burden of packing and moving so many books will lessen exponentially.

Start by wiping the dust off of all your books. Next, separate them into four categories: to keep, donate, repair, and sell. Local charity shops, libraries, churches, and schools often accept second-hand books to sell or use.

If you are considering selling your books, you can try them online or in a second-hand bookshop. Lastly, if any hardcovers have broken spines or paperbacks have battered covers, tape them up before giving them away.

Choose Boxes for Packing BooksChoose Sturdy Boxes and Containers

In order to keep your books safe while storing, it’s essential to pay extra attention to the boxes you choose. Since books stacked together can get quite heavy, it’s imperative you invest in high-quality corrugated cartons. They should be able to withhold your books’ weight without falling apart.

Remember the following trick to maintain sturdiness and balance when carrying and storing the boxes. Distribute the weight evenly by packing either small or medium-sized boxes instead of using one large carton.

Lastly, if you have a small book collection, you can get plastic containers with lids to store your books. They are sturdier and easy to carry, and the transparent ones give you a clear view of what’s stored inside.

Treat Collectables With Care

The true value of collectable books like comics, first editions or vintage books is understood only by the one who collects them. They are not only expensive but hold tremendous value in the owner’s heart. It’s understandable if you are apprehensive about them getting damaged in packing and moving.

The best way to keep your valuables safe is by wrapping them up in layers of bubble wrap. They will take more space in the carton, but it’s better to be cautious than sorry. Place them in the box by separating them with corrugated cardboard sheets. They will give that extra protection by cushioning.

Label Each Box

We understand how tedious it can get to label all your cartons and containers, especially if you have a large number of books. Trust us; it will be worth it, and you will thank us later!

You can avoid confusion by labelling the boxes whether you plan to move or store your books. You can divide them into ‘paperbacks’, ‘hardcovers’, ‘notebooks’ etc. However you choose to separate and pack your books, label them accordingly. It will also allow you to keep track and prevent any missing items.

Stack Paperbacks and Keep Hardcovers Upright

If you have ever played Tetris, you will be great at packing books. If you haven’t, we are here to guide you! It’s a trial and error process so remember to be patient.

We understand how challenging it can be to fit all the books in a carton, so you dont overpack or leave empty space. One fantastic trick is to pack hardcovers upright and your paperbacks on their side in stacks. It will evenly distribute the weight and protect the pages and covers from bending or getting torn.

Lastly, pack your books in packing sheets to avoid movement during transit. If there are still gaps in the box, fill them with packing peanuts, crumpled packing sheets or bubble wrap.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Remember to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit if you plan to store your books in a storage facility. They are the best for safe-keeping books as they maintain the temperature in the unit to a constant degree no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

A climate-controlled storage unit will not let mould, mildew and moisture build-up to wrinkle the pages, warp the covers and unbind the spine. Also, remember to keep the boxes elevated to allow airflow, and in case of flooding, your books will less likely get damaged.

STORED climate-controlled storage units are the most hassle-free, affordable and safest. They also have dual security locks installed on all doors and 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance for your ultimate peace of mind. Your books will truly remain safe from climate damage and theft.

Be Careful While loading booksBe Careful While Loading In The Van

After taking all precautionary measures, choosing the right boxes, packing properly and renting the perfect storage unit, it’s time to consider the last step, loading. If you choose STORED, you don’t have to worry about anything! Their efficient team will load and unload all your boxes with utmost care.

Nonetheless, if you have to load the boxes yourself, do not stack them all on top of each other. If tipped over, it will cause damage and add to your workload. The boxes underneath may also get crushed due to immense weight. So, spread them to even out the weight and avoid tipping and crushing.

The Final Word

Repay your books for all the great adventures they have let you embark on by protecting them the right way when packing books for storage.

Whether you plan to keep them in a storage unit for the short or long-term, or unpack them right away when you move, take the necessary precautionary measures. Invest in top-notch packing materials, boxes and storage units to keep your years’ worth of book collection in pristine condition so you can cherish them forever.

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