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Guildford is a beautiful town in southern England, filled with historical buildings and Victorian architecture. Hundreds of tourists come to Guildford to visit its museums, chapels, and castles every year. If you are thinking of exploring a new town in England and don’t know where to go, Guildford might be the perfect place for you and your family.

If you are moving to Guildford and looking for a place to store your belongings temporarily, you must be searching for reliable storage Guildford companies. Self-storage companies are very popular in the UK, people often rent out storage units for a number of reasons. Some people like to have extra storage space to store unused stuff while others declutter their houses to make space. People often live in small houses with very less storage space, a storage unit is a perfect solution to deal with this problem.

Residents of Guildford have a couple of amazing self-storage options they can choose from, luckily the prices of the storage industry are also affordable if you know exactly where to look. Once you rent a storage unit you will feel immediate results in your house. You can make space for all the new things once you chuck out all the unused stuff.

If you wondering how to find a good storage company that is reliable yet affordable, we are here to help you. No need to waste money on small-scale storage companies only to regret it later on, read the following tips to book a storage unit that will benefit you in the long run.

Look for a storage unit near your residence

In past, storage facilities were built far out from residential areas. People spent the whole day when they wanted to put something in their storage unit or take something from it. This approach was practical nor efficient. Thankfully almost all the storage companies now have storage facilities right in the middle of residential areas, people have their storage units within 50 miles radius of their house.

While searching for a reliable storage Guildford company, don’t forget to take its location under consideration. Even though storage facilities near residential areas charge a higher price, it is still worth it as you will save money and time. Having your belongings near is also a big deciding factor for many people. They can make a quick run to grab stuff whenever they want, without wasting away one whole day.

We highly recommend getting a storage unit within your locality, if a good storage facility is hard to find, try looking for one that falls between your daily commute. Some storage companies have also introduced pick-up and drop-off facilities, which means you don’t have to set a foot out of your house, and they will put your stuff safely in their storage facility. This door-to-door storage facility is a God-send for people who work on tough schedules.

Storage unit prices depend on a few factors, one of them being their location. If you have a flexible budget and are ready to spend some money, you can easily find a good storage unit at your preferred location.

Choose the perfect storage unit size

Every storage company offers various storage unit sizes that you can choose from, the most common being the 10’x10′ storage unit. A 10’x10′ is about half the size of a standard garage which means it can easily hold all the stuff of a two-bedroom apartment or 12-15 large size boxes. If you think you will need a larger storage unit, you can also explore different storage unit sizes.

Before going ahead and booking a storage unit, make sure to purge and declutter the stuff you want to store. If you think you will never use something, put it away in a storage unit doesn’t makes much sense. Since you are paying a significant amount every month for your storage unit, it would be wise to store stuff that can be used in the future. Decluttering your stuff will allow you to get rid of things that have no purpose and will only end up taking space.

You can donate or give away things that you have outgrown or no longer need. If you have any difficulty in choosing the perfect storage unit size, you can consult your storage company’s representative to get an expert opinion. The customer service representative is trained to recommend a suitable storage size after getting a rough estimate of what you want to store.

Never rent a storage unit that seems too small in comparison to your belongings. A cramped up storage unit will be hard to organise, you will lose track of your things since every box will be stacked. Remember to leave some space in your storage unit for wind crossover. You should also have some space so that you can browse your stuff whenever you want to grab something.

Ask about value-added services and amenities

If you plan to rent a storage unit for the long term, choose a storage company that offers value-added services and amenities to make your storage process hassle-free. Gone are the days when people used to spend hours and hours packing and categorising their stuff into boxes. Storage companies nowadays offer packing services as well, which means they send out a team to pack your stuff for you.

Some storage companies offer high-security storage units for people who want to store higher-value stuff. If that is the case, choose a storage facility built indoors and offers 24-hours CCTV surveillance and guarded entry and exit points. You can also search for storage units that require biometric verification in order to open.

Getting your storage unit insured is also highly recommended, many storage Guilford companies offer storage unit insurance to their patrons. Getting your storage unit insured will provide you with a liability cover in case of any damage to your property. Having a safety net in place is sensible whenever you want to rent a storage unit.




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