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Have you ever held your head in your hands, stressing over the lack of space in your home? Or have you ever been worried over the number of things lying around and causing chaos and clutter in your personal and work life?

If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time you look into an affordable and hassle-free self-storage facility. Take advantage of self-storage’s convenience, security, and cost savings versus letting boxes, files, and other belongings overtake your work and personal spaces.

In addition, moving ranks as one of the most stressful life events. Your life is disrupted as you make adjustments to your daily routine. Plus, organising, packing and keeping track of your belongings is a hassle. Then, once you move, you must figure out where to put all your items.

Luckily, you can take away some of that stress by storing your packed possessions in a self-storage unit. A self-storage unit is an option that offers many benefits. Also, it’s one less worry as you go through the home buying and selling process.


Self Storage Unit

For more advantages of self-storage units, continue reading below.

More Space, Less Clutter

If your home is crammed with boxes left over from your last move, holiday decorations, kids’ toys, winter coats or anything else, you can put it all into self-storage. Self-storage units allow you to give a room, basement, or attic a new purpose. The advantage is simple: You get a whole extra room!

With the help of a secure self-storage facility, you can free up a room to use for your hobbies, your home office, an exercise space, a guest bedroom, or anything else you want. The advantage is more space and less clutter!

Hobbies are great but let’s face it; most hobbies come with a lot of stuff. That stuff can take up a lot of valuable space in the house. Getting it out of the way with some help from self-storage by STORED frees up a lot more space for you and your family.

Lastly, having extra space in your home is never a bad idea. You can use that space creatively or introduce minimalism to your lifestyle. Minimalism is the new trend nowadays that allows people to live more freely, exactly what self-storage offers!

Downsize With Ease

Are you in the process of downsizing? Let self-storage make it easier for you. Moving into a smaller space from a bigger house, you may need extra storage for items like furniture, children’s toys, and clothing that might get handed down and used again.

Self-storage makes downsizing more accessible and affordable, even if you are helping a family member downsize. The advantage is a simpler, less stressful life. Whether you’re an empty nester looking for a smaller place or downsizing in retirement, self-storage units can hold the things you don’t have room for but aren’t ready to part with.

The great benefit of using a self-storage facility when downsizing is its cost-effectiveness. You can save more money on self-storage units by renting monthly or opting for cheap storage packages. Luckily, self-storage providers like STORED don’t charge extra for their services, and hidden expenses are not involved.

Additionally, if you are downsizing but frequently travel for work or leisure, you can also create a home base. Self-storage will give you a place to store your things safely. If you travel a lot, especially for long periods, you may not be able to take everything you own with you. Having a secure place to store the stuff you don’t want to haul can take a load off your mind.

Sell Your Home Efficiently

Self-contained storage units can help you sell your house. You can stage your home for an open house by eliminating clutter and making the place look showroom new. Everything you want to get out of the way can go into a STORED storage unit. In no time, your home will look as good as new for the upcoming open house.

Do you have collectables? Expensive art pieces or priceless family heirlooms? Store them in a storage unit to secure them from any possible theft while people visit your property. Also, if you’re in the process of moving but still have items in your home that don’t necessarily look ready for a real estate showing, a storage unit can help.

If you worry about the safety of your belongings while stored in a storage unit, then look no further. Self-storage units offer excellent security service! Your belongings are safer and more secure in self-storage units than at home or office.

Today, self-storage providers use advanced technology like automatic gates, security codes, dual locks on all doors, 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance, security fences, lighting, and even guards. So by renting a storage unit, you can rest assured that your things are in safe hands.

Help Your Business Grow

You can store inventory or merchandise in a commercial self-storage unit while waiting for the next shipment or manufacture. The advantage is that you have a secure, reliable place to keep excess business supplies or materials. Everything will be out of the way but easy to access when needed.

When the time comes to assemble or ship the finished product, just head down to your storage unit, and everything will be ready and waiting. Similarly, you can keep business documents and files from crowding the office. You will have more office space and less clutter around your work area.

Undoubtedly, a healthy, clutter-free office space allows more creativity and productivity. In turn, it proves to be more beneficial for the business and the work quality of its workers. So, rent commercial storage now and avail yourself of its many benefits.

Lastly, let’s face it, office space comes at a premium. So you’re probably looking at a way to save for your business. Take advantage of cheap self-storage units for all those tax documents, shipping receipts and extra office furniture and help your business grow.


Store Heavy and Professional Equipment

If you’re a mechanic, landscaper, or construction contractor, the advantage of self-storage units is a safe spot for your biggest and most expensive equipment. There’s ample space in self-storage units to store heavy equipment. There are various storage unit sizes you can choose from – 12 sqft to 400+ sqft.

Work vehicles and heavy equipment take up a lot of space, making them tempting targets for thieves. Fortunately, you can store them securely with STORED storage that offers hassle-free, secure and affordable storage units with the added value of packing and loading services. You don’t have to lift a finger!

People look for storage units for many reasons, but space is the biggest advantage of self-storage for homeowners, small business entrepreneurs, retail stores, office managers, or contractors. Self-storage units give you plenty of room to breathe and space to use as you see fit.

If you think you could use some space, call STORED, and we will find the perfect storage solution for your specific requirements.




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