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London Self Storage has been made better. Gone are the days of self storage being a tough, time consuming and expensive task.

Welcome to London Self Storage bySTORED.


We’ve done everything to make self storage as convenient as possible, including free pick up, cheaper self storage, online inventory and cheap returns.

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How London’s best self storage company works

If you’re renovating your home, need storage over the holidays or if you’re simply after some space, London Self Storage bySTORED. is the solution.

In our Self Storage service have also included the following:

London Self Storage

London Self Storage includes:

All information on our self storage units can be found on our website.

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London’s cheapest & best self-storage company. That’s our aim here at bySTORED.

Since launching, we’ve taken steps every week to ensure that we operate the best service, with collections & returns to your door, whilst lowering the storage price. We are only at the beginning of this journey, but we are on our way.


Recently, we launched a campaign aimed at informing people how they can save money on self-storage, whilst minimising all the hassle involved.

London Self StorageLondon Self Storage

London Self Storage London Self Storage London Self Storage

Moving In London

Moving. It can take days or even weeks to ensure moving goes seamlessly. That’s why we thought we would put together a list of tips for how to master the art of moving.
  • 1) Start planning your move early on. If you’re getting a removal firm to help with your moving or doing it all by yourself, nothing can substitute for proper planning.
  • 2) Go through the items that you need to pack down and make a list of which ones you need to get packing materials for.
  • 3) Before moving, make sure you find out if all your items will fit into your new home.
  • 4) Research van rental companies and their insurance policies to help with your moving.
  • 5) Gather as many of your friends & family as you can muster!
If you don’t want to pack everything up yourself, buy packing materials, dismantle & disconnect, rent a van, move all your items yourself, hassle your friends & family, buy a separate insurance policy unpack and return the van, don’t worry. Book a reliable moving service with bySTORED.  Only £79 per hour for 2 removal men and a van, and a 5 star service rated “Excellent” by our customers!
bySTORED. London Removals

bySTORED. Moving

London self storage near me

Self storage near me.

This used to dictate which self storage company people ended up using. Partly because it was easier to transport your stuff and partly because there were so few good & reliable self storage companies out there.
Fortunately that’s now changed. There are big traditional self storage companies like Big Yellow, Shurgard, Safestore and Access. They tend to be very expensive and offer very little help in transporting your items from your home and to the storage facility.
Then there’s us, bySTORED. We have a slightly different approach. For our customers, who live in East London, West London, North London and South London, it really doesn’t matter where our storage facilities are located.
Our most central location happens to be south of Clapham, however even if you live in Islington, Camden or Wembley, this really doesn’t matter to them.
For all our customers, we provide free pick ups of their items. This means that our staff come to you. It means that you don’t have to do all the hard work associated with storage. It most importantly means that because our self storage facility isn’t located in South Kensington, Islington or King’s Cross, we can afford to provide you with cheaper self storage rates.
At the same time, you’ll receive a better service, secure storage and the ability to get cheap returns straight back to your home. This is how our service works:
How London Self Storage Works bySTORED.

How Self Storage Works bySTORED.

We’ve been serving thousands of customers for the past 3 years. They’ve rated our service “Excellent” on Trustpilot. Try us out yourself today. Try out the Future of Self Storage!

Book a London Self Storage Unit

The self storage industry isn’t exactly famous for having changed in the last decades to becoming more customer-centric, however here at bySTORED we are now giving customers the opportunity to book a self storage unit in 2 steps.
Simply go onto and select your self storage unit and your free pick up. That’s it, that’s how easy it is to book a self storage unit.
Why? Well it’s easy. We want to provide our customers with the easiest self storage solution around. After our website re-design, you can now use our storage calculator to find out how much space you need and you can book your free pick-up online in no time.
In this way our customers can spend their time doing other things and let us take care of their self storage.
Self storage truly hasn’t been easier than this. Check it out on and book your self storage unit today!
Book a London Self storage Unit

Book your self storage unit pick up in 2 steps