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Let’s be honest, student storage can be a real hassle. It’s no fun transporting your personal possessions back and forth between home and university, especially if you live halfway across the country or overseas.

So, what do you do with all your stuff?

Simple. Book a storage pick-up from your dorm or flat with STORED and use one of our affordable lockers or small storage units. Your belongings stay secure and you won’t need to worry about them until you move into your new accommodation after the holiday break.

Student Storage Just
Got Easier

University students have used our services for years to avoid extra stress at the end of the semester. Let us handle your student storage needs so you can focus on other important matters that university life brings!

We understand that your time and effort is valuable.

Once you book our service, we collect your items from your doorstep, store them with care and return them to your university hall or any other address, once you have initiated a request.

Sounds easy and hassle-free? We sure are!

We make the whole process of student storage as smooth as possible. Simply book your storage pick-up online!

Student Storage Just Got Easier
What is Student Storage

What is Student Storage?

Studying at a university away from home? This wonderful opportunity brings with it the hassle of taking your belongings with you and managing them throughout your university tenure.

We provide student storage options where university students can store their belongings during spring break, vacations, or when they go back home and don’t want to pay the rent of university dorms or apartments.

Of course, our services are available during all other times when you just have too much and want to unload, too!

Some university students are fortunate enough to live close to their parents to use their place for their dorm storage. However, many attend university in London and nearby locations as international students, needing a quick and easy student storage service to cater to their needs.

We keep your belongings safe and let you settle in, go on vacation, go back home, or simply live with a lot more free space. Our student storage services are the answer to your problems!

How are we different from other student storage options?

First of all, we are better than self storage because we cater to all the needs that self storage doesn’t! It costs university students a lot of money and takes endless amount of time to transport their belongings to a storage facility and to keep going back to pick some up and put others away. Storing with us a STORED ensures you save time & money and lets you focus on the important things in life.

Much More than Just Storage Space!

Flexible Student Storage Company

We understand university students may need storage services for many different reasons and that is why we offer flexible options to provide exactly what you are looking for. We cater to students with different needs and requirements.

Our units come in many different sizes so you can securely store your items without paying for space you don’t need. Our smallest unit is 12 square feet, about the size of closet space, and the sizes increase up to 400+ square feet.

We also offer short or long-term rental periods. Most students just need to store their items for a few months over summer or winter break from university but if you find yourself needing cheap storage for a longer period, we have you covered!

Our pick-up/store/return service ensures you don't have to do any work yourself. We also offer moving boxes and packing materials to take care of packing. All you have to do is book your pick-up online.

You can also ask us to come to your university campus to pick up or drop off your belongings and we will be happy to assist you.

If you have any requests that fall outside of what we currently offer, call and speak to our team to discuss the options we can offer you. We strive to meet the needs of every customer, no matter what your storage situation may be!

Much More than Just Storage Space
Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad

Taking the plunge and saying goodbye to blighty is a tough thing to do but the logistics of it all are the hardest part. What do I do with my flat? Where do I put all my things, my parent’s garage is already full of my childhood things?

Don’t put out friends and family by guilt tripping them into to storing your life’s belongings while you’re off traveling and having the best time – give STORED a call and we’d be more than happy to put your items in one of our personal storage units for the time you’re away. Decide to settle out there, no problem. We can organise international relocation for an affordable cost. Simply let us know where you are and we’ll give you a quote and can organise the whole thing to arrive at your new pad.

How It Works



Book a removal on-demand to help your house move to smoothly, from a single room to entire business moves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time & money will I save using STORED over self-storage?

If you’ve used self-storage before, you’ll know the costs and amount of hours it takes to buy packing materials, pack, rent a van, drive to the self-storage unit, unload, return the van. And then repeat the process when you want your stuff back.

That’s why we looked at how self-storage companies operate and changed everything.

Firstly, because we pick up and return your stuff from your home, we don’t have to have mega expensive locations centrally in cities, costs that we would have to pass onto our customers.

That’s why STORED can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage companies.

Secondly, we flipped the self-storage model upside down, and instead of you doing all the work, we came up with STORED model:

✓ We Collect

Other storage firms expect you to drop everything off yourself. That means either making several time-consuming trips or hiring a van - which is stressful and expensive.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if someone came and collected everything? We agree. So that’s what we do. We send a van with two professional movers to collect your stuff. Put your feet up and let us do the heavy lifting.

✓ We Box It Up

Most people don’t have crates and boxes handily lying around. That’s why we have an extensive list of packing materials available for purchase, that we’ll bring straight to your door.

When we collect your things, we box and crate your items for you. That’ll save you money, time, and fuss.

✓ We Return

Need your things back ASAP? Or even just some of your stuff? Other storage companies need you to come and get it yourself. Not us.

Tell us what you want back, and when. We’ll deliver it directly to your door and unpack it for you. Relax - we’ve got you covered.

How does the STORED service work?

Door-to-Door storage in 3 easy steps

1) Easy Booking
Simply select where and when you want your things collected from. You can get it sorted in a couple of minutes.

2) Free Pickups
Our team will come to your address at your preferred time and pick everything up. They can even help with the packing!

3) Convenient Returns
Book a return online to get some or all of your belongings back - whenever you need them. We’ll deliver them to your home or preferred location.

Are you cheaper than self-storage?


We created STORED to offer people both a cheaper and easier way to store their things.
That’s why we’re priced cheaper than self-storage & we provide pick-ups and returns of your items, to take out all the hassle.

(include the price comparison chart).

Do you sell Packing Materials?

We sure do!
The safest way to store your items is to use our purpose-produced packing materials.

You can simply add the packing materials that you need when placing your storage pick-up from us or contact us on

How secure are your storage units?


We store your items in purpose-built storage facilities with the following security measures:
o CCTV surveillance monitored by a professional security company.
o Alarms monitored by a professional security company
o Dual security locks on all doors.

Only our teams have access to the facilities and customers cannot access the units for security reasons.
That works out best for everyone since we offer a full-inclusive service where we collect, store and return our customers’ items, meaning they will never need to visit a storage facility ever again.

*Applies to a storage period of 6 months or more. Competitive quote needs to be sent through prior to making booking. We reserve the right to refuse the price match.

**Prices correct as of 31st May 2023, based upon a 6 month storage including promotional discounts and new customer offers. These prices are for quoted storage within the Kennington area, Central London.

***Competitor prices do not reflect van/vehicle hire, insurance, packing materials or other associated costs. Stored prices shown include London zone 1-3 collection, storage, packing crates and £500 standard liability cover.