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Super Simple Storage

Door-2-Door storage in 3 easy steps

  • Easy Booking

    Easy Booking

    Simply select the storage unit and pick-up slot that you want and we will do the rest!

  • Free Pickups

    Free Pickups

    Our team will arrive at your address
    during your time slot & pick up the things you want to store.

  • Convenient Returns

    Convenient Returns

    Simply log in to your account and book a return to get one, some or all of your belongings back when you need them!

Guaranteed Cheaper Than Self-Storage

You get the best prices and an unbeatable deal here if you book for 6 months or more!

  • 15 sqft
  • 25 sqft
  • 50 sqft


  • £92.65 /mo
  • £109.65 /mo
  • £169.15 /mo


  • N/A
  • £137.71 /mo
  • £206.28 /mo


  • £109.68 /mo
  • £143.55 /mo
  • £184.05 /mo

Big Yellow

  • £107.9 /mo
  • £154.14 /mo
  • £254.92 /mo
Cost of van hire, fuel & time

*Prices correct as of 30th July 2021, based upon a 6 month storage including promotional discounts and new customer offers. These prices are for quoted storage within the Kennington area, Central London.

**Competitor prices do not reflect van/vehicle hire, insurance, packing materials or other associated costs. Stored prices shown include London zone 1-3 collection, storage, packing crates and £500 standard liability cover.

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Our Services

What is business storage?

Your business is always evolving and changing year after year. STORED can help your business by providing low-cost commercial storage units whether your needs are large or small.
Storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that business storage needs will vary depending on the business and what your specific company needs. Whether you need seasonal inventory storage or a secure unit to store your...

Business Storage

What is Personal storage?

Personal storage could be absolutely anything you want to put into a personal storage unit that is your own property. This could be anything from your summer wardrobe in the cold winter months or the contents of your house if you have some time between contracts.

Personal Storage

What is Student Storage?

The most common reason for student storage is the period between terms when you may have to move out of halls or student housing and back home or to another location.

Student Storage

What is Furniture Storage?

Furniture storage is similar to regular storage but instead of primarily being moving boxes, you are placing larger items like beds, tables, couches, etc in your storage unit.
Storing furniture keeps it safe until you are ready for it, allows you to hold on to sentimental pieces and gives you the opportunity to create extra space in your home.

Furniture Storage

What is Moving House Storage?

House moving is not an easy task. Many times you need to start extensive planning that begins several months in advance of the actual moving day.
It can end up taking you a lot of time and energy that can leave you feeling drained, even before you start to actually pack.

Furniture Storage

Much More than Just Storage Space!

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