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Storage Ravensbourne Makes It Easier

Spring break packages

12Sqft Storage
12sq ft
What can it fit?

Similar to a large locker, ideal for those who need to declutter their room.

£ 11 /week
£51.75 month
Most Popular
12Sqft Storage
15sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for students storing over the summer holidays or those with a small amount of belongings to store.

£ 15 /week
£66.75 month
12Sqft Storage
25sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for those with a studio flat, who need to store a mix of furniture and boxes.

£ 20 /week
£89.25 month
12Sqft Storage
50sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for a typical 1 bedroom flat, allowing you to store a mix of household furniture and boxes.

£ 36 /week
£156.75 month
(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)
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Staying organized with Storage Ravensbourne

It is common for the students of Ravensbourne University London to face space-related problems, just like students from any other university. Dorm spaces or small apartments, which are usually compact, can be insufficient for accommodating many of your valuable possessions.

Say no to discarding what you hold dear because Storage Ravensbourne by STORED is here, which is as reliable as it is cheap! You don’t have to get rid of your items or tug them around everywhere, we have a simple solution that puts you at ease!

Students perform best when the distraction is minimal, which is why staying organized becomes crucial. Whether it is a stack of books you might not need for some time or a pile of off-season clothes, many things can turn your living space into a cluttered nightmare.

And that’s what we help you get rid of! Plus, we make it easier for you when you are out and about on vacation.

STORED has designed its Storage Ravensbourne service to help the students of Ravensbourne with all their space-related problems!

You don’t have to love your things enough to keep them sprawled around your residence. And we are sure you don’t love them enough to take them with you on vacation or when you go back home!

Keep the load light, whether you are going camping or catching a quick flight! And there’s more where that came from- London’s easiest storage solution at your service!

We know how busy student life at Ravensbourne University is, which is why we at STORED never expect to see you at our facility! We will pick up all the items you need to store right from your doorstep while you focus on the other things you need to get done!

We are sure the list is long, and we’ll let you get right to it! Your stuff is our business- and we take care of our business!

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We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns
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FREE Collection for Storage Ravensbourne

Our two-man removal team has packing expertise and are expert movers so they know how to handle your things. They can help you disassemble, pack, lift and load your items onto the moving van to be taken to the storage facility.

The vehicle used to transport your items is also equipped with all essential features for safe back-and-forth transport and we take the utmost care of your belongings. Ask our team to label your boxes so you will know exactly what’s in your storage unit through online inventory.

We do all the heavy lifting and organising for you, leaving you to simply enjoy your day rather than worry about handling your stuff.

Similarly, the process of returns is very simple as well. Once you have scheduled a return, our team will deliver your items right where you want us to. And returns cost way less than if you had to take the trip down to pick your belongings up yourself, especially with a vehicle to carry your stuff.

We offer a very cost-effective approach to storing, keeping in mind the pain points of students all over the UK. Our service is designed to relieve them of their worries without being heavy on their pockets.

Do you want to hear more?

STORED also has a global shipping service which is ideal for students who want their possessions shipped to any other country. If you are not here and you need your stuff back, we have you covered!

Storage Ravensbourne by STORED keeps your possessions in purpose-built facilities which are secured with 24-hour surveillance. From books and clothes to sofas and mattresses, students of Ravensbourne can store nearly anything they want and have.

Our Ravensbourne storage includes units of various sizes for your storing convenience.

Our 12 sq ft unit, which can fit 4 large boxes, is ideal for students who do not have any large items to store. The most popular, however, is our 15 sq ft unit which can accommodate up to 8 crates or equivalent.

If that is still insufficient, you may opt for our 25 sq ft unit which is enough to fit up to 15 crates or you can opt for much larger units- whatever you need!

Having trouble deciding which unit suits you best?

Our Ravensbourne storage service offers expert customer support that is always ready to assist you with choosing the perfect unit. The booking process is also easier than ever and only takes under 5 minutes.

Call us now at 0202 3637 1234 or book a unit here!