Cheap King's College Strand Storage Units

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King’s College Storage Puts Students at Ease

Winter break packages

£ 14 /week
£62.30 month
12 sqft

8–10 storage boxes

Or 4–5 large suitcases

£ 17 /week
£76.30 month
Winter Pack
15 sqft

10–12 storage boxes

Or 5–6 large suitcases

£ 20 /week
£90.30 month
A little more

1 x bedside table

1 x TV stand

1 x TV

10–12 storage boxes

£ 32 /week
£139.30 month
Store with friends
50 sqft

1 x double bed

1 x 2–seater sofa

1 x bedside table

15–20 storage boxes

(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)

Strand Storage Provides Unbeatable Convenience

Summer’s up and it’s time to start a fresh new academic year in your university. But if instead of getting excited, you’re worried about how to fit all your belongings in your tiny dorm room, what do you do?

Well, we have an answer for you: use our Strand storage for students of King's College.

We know how difficult it is when students can’t avail on-campus storage for their essentials, or when they are going on vacation and/or going back home and want to put their belongings in a safe place until they return.

Our King's College storage offers a wholesome convenient solution that takes up none of your time!

All you have to do is take out your smartphone and make a booking online in less than 5 minutes!

What next?

Well, your job is done after you book our Strand storage. We’ll take care of your belongings from here onward.

Our 2-man team will come to your doorstep with a moving van and they will safely take your belongings to the storage facility and store them in your storage unit.

Also, getting your stuff back is as easy as it is to book Strand storage. Your belongings will be delivered back to you whenever and wherever you want with a simple booking. Returns are very affordable!

Another great advantage of Strand storage?

STORED will ship your items anywhere in the world in case you don’t plan on returning for the next term or you need them when you are out of the country!

Student Storage Service
in London with STORED

Easy Booking
Book your free collection in seconds and get access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, items and invoices.
Hassle-Free Pick-Ups and Returns
Our 2-man team will arrive at your address on your selected time-slot to collect and load all your items.
Secure & Reliable Storage
We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Need some or all of your items back? Book a partial or full return from your account to any address in London.

Affordable King's College Storage

We understand that students are on a budget, and that’s why we ensure all of our prices are extremely reasonable! Besides that, we regularly offer discounts to students who have stored with us once- we love repeat customers!

King’s College storage packages suit varying needs and you can ask for a customised package if need be. Customers pay on a monthly basis and those who store for more than 3 months, get a 15% wholestay discount!

Being a student has never been more fun because now you have an exceptional storage solution that lets you handle your things efficiently. You know where to put them when you are on vacation, you know you can count on us when you go back home, and you know we can help you in between moves.

We offer the best of the best to King’s College students and putting your stuff in one of our storage units is very safe too! Only team members are allowed in our warehouse and no one else will ever have access to your things!

Trust is a big factor in choosing storage services because all of your possessions are a part of you and we are sure you value them immensely. We value your possessions too and keep them safe for whenever you want them returned. Whether it is your childhood blankie or your camping gear for your summer trip, it’ll be safe with us.

STORED is a home away from home for your belongings- you can rest assured that they are in good hands! And this second home for your stuff is pretty cheap too. One of our prime values is to ensure that students spend their time and money wisely and not on mundane things such as storage.

People who choose STORED choose a lifestyle- of convenience, smart budgeting, and no unnecessary stress! It’s about the way you choose to live; it’s about the way you choose to store!

The warehouse has CCTV-surveillance, an alarm system that is monitored by a professional alarm company, and padlocks on the storage units. This is what makes Strand storage reliable because we want to provide you with a service you can trust!

Better than Self Storage Strand

Strand storage services are a breath of fresh air for international students and students who aren’t from London.

It can be pretty expensive, rather a hassle, to keep moving your belongings back and forth from your home to your university housing or apartment when it’s time for vacations. With STORED, you can rest assured that your belongings are safely in one place.

And if it so happens that you need some of your belongings back while you’re away at home, we can internationally ship too!

Our storage solution is also great for you if you’re sharing your room with a mate. Who wants clutter in one small room?

We can offer affordable packages for you and your mates and we are cheaper than traditional self- storage- not to mention much more convenient!

We offer two types of storage to students, to meet their individual needs.

  • Short term storage unit
  • Long term storage unit

The main difference between these two units is, as the name suggests, the period of time that you can avail of the storage facilities. If you’re looking for seasonal storage (for example, storing winter clothes during summer to save closet space) you should go for our short-term storage unit.

The cost of storing short term and long term differ as well. So, if you’re storing for less than 3 months, go for our short-term storage unit. Our long-term storage service is for anyone looking for 3+ months of storage.

Our whole stay discounts are available for long term storage, making it even more affordable for you. Remember that you can choose different sizes of Strand storage, from 12 sq ft to even 400+ sq ft!

Find your favorite package and book now- we are only a call or a click away!