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Why you need storage when you downsize

There are lots of reasons to downsize.

It can be a part of future proofing your living circumstances when you retire. You no longer need all the additional space of the home you raised a family in, and moving to a smaller home with all the amenities on the ground floor will mean you can keep using your home for longer.

It could be to help you save to afford your first home. When you get serious about saving for a deposit one way you can economise is to move into a smaller home, even a room in a shared house, and save the money you were previously spending on rent.

It could simply depend on the housing available where you’re moving. If you’re moving into a city from the suburbs to pursue your career, you’ll find that your budget will stretch to a smaller living space.

In all these circumstances there are significant upsides to downsizing, but the problems of moving and storing the possessions you no longer have room for remain. It’s here that we can help, as STORED’s services can lift the burden of downsizing and make sure the next phase of your life is stress free.


Whatever the reason you downsize, you will need to move house. This is stressful enough when you are moving from one home to a similar one. When you’re changing your circumstances in such a dramatic way, you need every advantage to cut down on stress.

STORED aren’t an ordinary self-storage company. When you store things with STORED, professional movers will arrive to collect your possessions, transport them to STORED’s secure facilities and with only 24 hours’ notice you can book a return slot to have everything brought safely to your new address.

In the interim you can log onto your account on the STORED website to view your stored items, so you can deal with your inventory and decide exactly what’ll you need in your new, downsized home, and what you need to keep safely stored for the time being.

A complete solution like ours means moving day loses all its hassle. The cost of collection is included in the price of your storage so with STORED’s competitive prices you’re saving money across the board!

2. Storage

Inevitably, there will be some items you won’t have the space for in your new home. Whether it’s bulky furniture or a large collection of books, you need to be sure it’s safe until you either give it a permanent home again, or are able to part with it to the right new owners.

STORED’s storage is safe, secure, and comes with the free rental of enough 80 litre storage crates to keep everything you have stored in perfect condition. You don’t need to worry about the additional expense of finding boxes to accommodate your record library, as STORED provides everything you need to rest assured your collection will be kept pristine until you can bring it out of storage.

3. Flexibility

STORED offer exactly the sort of flexible service you need when you’re changing your living situation. There are storage units available in the broadest range of sizes, from over 400 square feet down to only 12 so if your circumstances change you can find the unit that fits your needs at a price that suits you.

If you’re putting everything you own from a three bedroom house into storage while you move, STORED can accommodate you, and then deliver everything you need to start the new chapter in your life when you need it. Anything that you need to remain in long term storage can move into a smaller unit, to save you some precious pounds.

Make sure you discuss your needs when you contact STORED – special rates are available for long term customers, so if you’re planning to keep your things with us for six months or more you could stand to save money.

4. Planning

STORED also offer you the tools to plan exactly what you need in advance. Have a look at our Storage Calculator to help you decide exactly what you need. Just enter an inventory, and we provide a recommended unit size and an initial quote.

Whatever the reason you’re downsizing budgeting is important so STORED’s flexibility and complete service couple up with the best pricing on storage in London to get you exactly what you need as make this life changing move

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