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Ways to Maximise Small Spaces

60 Minute Makeover was a bit of an odd show. Maxine only popped out to the shops for some bread and milk (wasn’t even her big weekly shop), and she comes home to find a team of people in her house who have changed the carpet, painted over her prized Laura Ashley wallpaper and stuck up some random canvases to ‘brighten the room.’

We’re not saying every home renovation needs to be like that. In fact, we’re saying the complete opposite. There’s no need to rush a renovation project, and like all good things - it doesn’t happen overnight, or in this case, within 60 minutes.

Renovations can be anything from knocking down walls to installing a new bathroom suite. But for some, a renovation project is about maximising on small spaces. And we’re here to help

1. White

White always seems like a cop out. To paint walls white almost feels like you want to replicate some sort of Grecian villa or you couldn’t be bothered to flick through the Dulux colour chart. But stay with us, as white is great for space-enhancing: you can bring in colour through throws, pillows or a bright piece of furniture. And in small spaces, it can highlight all of your favourite pieces.

2. Art

We’re not talking about those lacklustre canvases with a single tulip on from Ikea. Oh no. We’re talking about a piece of quality art, which not only looks great, but also elevates a space more than any other accessory and takes the focus away from the overall size of the room (or lack of).

3. Plan up

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to fit items into a cramped space, think upwards. Try building shelves that reach up to the wall and towards the ceiling, where you can display certain items that would otherwise be stored, or left in a cupboard or under the stairs.

4. Repurpose

Don’t splash out on new furniture when you don’t need to. Try using an heirloom, such as an old Singer sewing table as a workstation desk, assign pieces that are already in your home to unexpected purposes for a more unique statement.

5. Double Up

As well as using your favourite objects as furniture, try housing furniture that can double up for multiple uses - you can get a futon that’s also a storage box, a bed with storage underneath or a coffee table that doubles up as a bookshelf. That way, you can save space without having to give up furniture.

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