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The Minimalist Test

Maybe you’ve been watching too many re-runs of Grand Designs where kitchens feature one pan, and the living room is something of a Scandi dream. Or, maybe, it’s been down to the interior magazines that all focus on living the simple life. But there’s a movement happening: the minimalist movement.

If your digs have become more of a museum than a home - we’ve compiled a simple list to help you live a more minimal life. We’ve designed these simple steps that can be picked one-by-one, risk-free. Give it a go for a month to feel the practical and spacious benefits, but hey, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s your thing.

1. Clothes

Do you need that fancy dress from circa 2009 where you dressed as one half of Mario and Luigi? No, no you don’t. Get rid. According to some statistics we found on the internet (from the Wall Street Journal if you care), you wear 20% of your clothes, 80% of the time. They’re taking up valuable space - it’s a simple exercise but will make mornings easier and will free up space in your wardrobe for clothes you actually wear.

2. Decorations

If it’s not a sentimental ornament, or a treasured photo - there’s a high possibility you don’t actually need it. Ditch the Tenerife fridge magnets and vast collection of postcards, and let the furnishings do the talking. Leave only the decorations that are the most meaningful. Test the waters - if you take the ornament away and long for it after a couple of weeks - put it back.

3. Cooking Utensils

An obscure, one sure. But how many cooking utensils do you actually use? When it comes to cooking: simple is almost always better. We tend to harbour so many pots, pans, knife sets and mugs that actually, we don’t need. Or use. Store all your unnecessary utensils in a plastic box, put them away out of sight, and see if you just enjoy cooking a little bit more in your new, clutter-free environment.

4. Furniture

We’re not telling you to go the whole nine yards and swap your sofa for a futon, but what we are saying is to remove excess furniture to free up space is one of the easiest ways to reap the benefits of the minimalist life. Rarely-used pieces of furniture in your home are quickly recognisable and take up more space than you realise.


We’re not mind readers, but you’re probably thinking where are you going to put all this stuff during your minimalist voyage - and we have just the solution: Stored. Give us a buzz, turf out your unwanted belongings and we’ll put them in storage for you. For however long you need. And if you miss your 12 stainless steel pan set - we can collect and deliver it. Whenever. Wherever.

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