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The 5 steps of renovating your home

Renovating your home can be a huge task and finding where to start seems almost impossible at times. Do you leave your bathroom till last and have to shower at work for as long as possible or get it out the way first, so you’ve got a little safe haven at home while the rest of the house is in disarray?

We reckon we’ve cracked the code to the perfect way to renovate your home without it even feeling like too much of a hassle.

No, we don’t mean move into a hotel for three months while the builders move in and overhaul the place, although if you can afford to, that sounds like the dream way to do it.

Step 1, clear out everything that’s just going to get in the way!

Chaise longue, unnecessary. Novelty drinks globe, nope. You get the drift, whatever isn’t fixed down or is an absolute necessity to living your daily life has to leave the house for the duration of the renovation.

What better way to do this than having STORED’s two-man teams coming to your front door and taking it all away for you so it isn’t an extra hassle added on to this already tumultuous time in your life and home.

Use our handy online storage calculator to see what size unit we reckon you need or speak to one of our experts via the online chat or over the phone to get all the advice and honest answers you might need. They could be at your front door to drop off our environmentally friendly crates and pick up all your belongings in the next few days, so you can really get this renovation underway.

Step 2, Plan a route of attack

I know we joked about the bathroom situ at the start of this, but let’s be honest, it’s probably one of the biggest pain points of the whole project if you’re all going to have to shower at the gym or work and use Janet’s loo next door for anything more than 48 hours.

We suggest getting your most used rooms done first and as quickly as possible – these are the ones that are most vital (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom) and the ones that you’re going get frustrated about when you no longer have the use of them.

Simple rules apply like not doing bathroom and kitchen at the same time, so you’ve got at least one place to brush your teeth and wash some cups for a brew.

Once these vital rooms are done, the work can begin on the ones that aren’t as vital to everyday living as you might thing. We know that not having a living room for a while sounds like a bit of a nightmare but what we’re saying is – living room is your luxury space whilst your bedroom is out of action and vice versa. We’re just trying to see that you’re never left without somewhere to pop on a face mask and put your feet up in front of the tv.

Step 3, The safe haven

We’re just putting it out there that for your own stress levels as well as everyone else’s, this is going to come in very handy.

This is going to be the space where you can crawl away to after a long day of renovating to sip a beer and catch up on an episode of Love Island and forget that your marble worktops haven’t arrived yet and your builder is trying to overcharge for your conservatory. We reckon that this is probably going to be your bedroom and you get around to it first! You can sleep on the sofa for a few days or bunk up in the spare room while you get this sorted and into a relaxing, ambient place for you to destress at the end of the day. Make sure you’ve got a tv, Wi-Fi and some snacks in there to keep you going during the rest of your renovation. You’re welcome!

Step 4, Keep it clean

Whether you’ve got the builders in or you’re tackling it yourself, home improvements bring with them dust, A LOT of dust and other mess that can easily be contained or dragged through the entire house into places that are already completed or not yet started. We suggest having areas that are ‘no-shoe’ zones, where the builders aren’t allowed, to try and make sure that no dust or dirt is dragged unwanted onto fresh cream carpets.

If you feel like it, get everyone that is stepping into those renovated areas to wear those dashing blue shoe covers that we’ve all tried on looking round a show home – surely there’s a large online retailer where you could buy hundreds for minimal cost.

Step 5, Storage

Renovating your home is now complete and now you need to decide when you need all your possessions you’ve popped into storage dropping back off at your home. Question is, do you really want it all back straight away?

Depending on what you’ve stored with us you might find that it no longer has a place or is a bit more of a seasonal item that isn’t really relevant at the moment in your new palatial surroundings. Maybe you packed up all your winter coats into one of our crates and now it’s the height of summer and you’ve filled that space with revere-collar shirts? Or have you stored away your kids’ old rooms and now have boxes of old items in storage that they’re saying you can’t get rid of, but you have no room for in your house?

Storage can easily become a handy long-term asset and with STORED we’re happy to pick up and bring back bits or all of your stuff and change over seasonally depending on the customer’s needs. We’ll still do it door-to-door and you won’t have to do anything other than give our guys a call to organise all of the logistics.

Have we managed to make this large-scale renovation sound as simple and stress-free as possible? Head to our website to start figuring out what size unit you might need and get this renovation underway.

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