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Student storage...STORED

There’s nowhere quite like London to have one of the best and most unique student experiences but also there’s nowhere quite as tough as London whilst you’re at uni. The unforgiving pace of life and cost of living can bring anyone to breaking point but as a student you have the luxury of saying goodbye to it all for a few months each summer and going home to the rent free hotel that is your parents house.

Lets be honest, they’re not gonna be too happy if you drag your entire uni flat’s worth of stuff back there though so let us take it off your hands and keep it safe ready for your return in September.

STORED make it super easy so there’s no added stress chucked on top of whatever exams you've got going on to make sure you can come back next year. In as little as 60 seconds you can get a full quote and have us on our way to collect your stuff.

We’ll come pack everything up in our secure boxes, take it away and even add everything to a handy online itinerary so you know exactly which of your prized possessions are in our unit. Even if you don’t want us manhandling your goods we’ll give you all the equipment needed to make sure everything is safe and secure once it’s handed over to our expert team of movers.

Now…SUMMERTIME! Whether you are off home to sponge off mum and dad for three months or off on a travelling experience of a lifetime with your best friends, you can now do so with piece of mind that you aren't paying through the nose for a flat you're not living in or scared your landlord is gonna pop over and discover the illegal sub letter you've got in for three months to cover your costs.

When you do decide to come back just let us know and we can arrange our guys to come and drop your stuff back off to you and even hold on to the crates for up to 14 days if you can’t quite be bothered to fully unpack straight away.

Students x STORED…it’s a no brainer really.

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