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#StressFreeStorage to help you move

Short term lets are a godsend. Those handy two or three months can really save your bacon in times of need. If you’ve signed up for a new house and the dates don’t quite align with your schedule, short lets are able to provide you with a roof over your head until the new place is ready to move in. Some people get lucky, and in some cases, can bunk down with family or friends to make this whole ‘why-are-we-moving-this-is-so-stressful’ experience slightly easier on the soul. But hey, we’re not all blessed with chums called Frank and Lisa who have a decent four bed semi in Zone 6.

For the majority of us, the only way to deal with moving house is by seeking a short term let, which is handy, but often comes with a few minor problems. The first and probably the biggest is the fact that you have to move your stuff not once, but twice, and we wouldn’t wish this on anyone. If you’re planning on undertaking a short term let, one of the best ways to cut out the unwanted fuss and faff is by sorting out what you actually need for the next couple of months and plan accordingly.

The four slice toaster set is probably not going to make the cut, as is your Scandi chic wooden salad servers, but stuff such as clothes, toiletries and other belonging, you should pack into a suitcase and take with you.

Forget lugging the rest of your belongings to your family home, or any person that has a spare room. There’s a couple of other solutions, and we think we have the best one by a country mile: STORED. We like to think of ourselves as the modern day knights in shining armour (vans), ready to help with any dames and damsels in storage stress.

If you’re not familiar with STORED, the idea it pretty simple (if we do say so ourselves). If you’ve figured out the ins and outs of your short term let agreement, the next stage is sorting out your belongings. Our price plan is super transparent (no pesky loopholes or hidden fees), and we’ll come round and collect all your stuff, we’ll drive it. Store it, and return it to your new home whenever you please.

No pressure. No fuss. Just a simple solution that works. That’s why we call it

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