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Renting Out Your Room

You’ve made it through second year, and the only thing between you and third year is the sweet, sweet summer. And while your mates head home to secure a part time job to help ease the student finances, you find yourself gallivanting around Europe, United Kingdom, or any destination your budget permits (but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a wedge of cash on the side - all legal, obviously).

As you set sail for the tropical climes, this means one thing: your room is available. Available for your mate, sure. Available to rent out and some earn some cash? Yes please.

So, you go about renting out your room, someone is interested, they take a fancy to your gaff and decide to book your room out for the summer, and that leaves you with the small dilemma of shifting all your prized goods somewhere.

There are, however, many problems to this:

1. Your parents don’t have the time/can’t be bothered to drive down the M25 to pick up your stuff, only to repeat the journey a few months later.

2. You can’t move it in your other flat mates’ room because it’s small, real small.

3. The age of Uber-ing all your stuff across town to another of your mate’s digs is too much trouble.

4. You don’t have enough suitcases to hold all your possessions you haven’t touched in a year.

5. The thought of lifting is enough to sit and watch Friends re-runs all day, which doesn’t really help with the whole moving-out-your-stuff-so-your-room-is-ready problem

Now picture this, a remedy to cure what ails you: we (a group of strong dudes/dudettes) arrive at your house to sort all the business for you. Sounds like something out of Westside Story, perhaps, but this is actually what we specialise in at STORED at a moment’s request.

If you’re not familiar with our model, it’s pretty simple and straightforward; you give us a call, pack away your stuff that you no longer require, we get our friendly and efficient team to pick it up at a time that suits you, we store all your worldly possessions in a safe and secure unit (out of sight and out of mind), and once you’ve returned from finding yourself/tanning on the beach/drinking cheap plonk - we return all your goods in pristine condition, straight to your door.

And even if you’ve returned from your summer jaunt, and actually, find yourself quite fond of living without a heap of your stuff, you can keep it with us for as long as you wish, and at prices that won’t eat into your student loan.

So next time you’re worrying about the reliability of your uni pal, just remember this; we do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

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