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Student Living: Moving House Made Easy

That’s it. You’re going at it alone. First year is over and you’re leaving behind the warm and friendly embrace of student halls. Lynn and Brenda will no longer be popping round to clean the communal areas and make sure things are vaguely in check, and the bin store will be a forgotten friend once you’ve settled into your new place.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of moving into your second year house with a bunch of your close comrades - all trying to tart up the house with Poundland bunting, some tea light candles and any street-side objects you stumble upon after a night on the tiles. After putting down a small fortune for rent, your deposit, and those sneaky agency fees, money is now tight...real tight. There’s that minor problem of lugging your stuff across town. We’ve pulled together 5 nifty moving house hacks that’ll save you time and money:

1. Get Rid and De-Clutter:
Do you really need that traffic cone you seized outside the student union? The comically large collection of pots and pans you now have in your possession? There’s no point in lugging this stuff across town if there’s a high chance that you’re never going to use it again. Moving house is a perfect opportunity to sort through all your stuff and get rid of the things you don’t need. As you may of heard, a tidy room is a tidy mind.

2. Order a Taxi:
Unless you’ve tucked away some cash for a rainy day, the idea of a removal van is nice, until they’ve quoted you an astronomical price for ferrying your belongings a mere few yards down the road. There’s always the option of a taxi, where Tetris-like packing will come in handy, and it’ll save some cash too.

3. Rally Your Mates:
Remember Callum from freshers week who drove you to Asda one time to pile up on cheap plonk and chicken dippers? Get him involved with your moving, mates with a set of four wheels always come in handy in times like these.

4. Storage:
You can always pop all your belongings in storage. We’re not talking about the units where you have to become a human packhorse in order to drop it off. We’re happy to do the faffing around for you, picking up, dropping off, whenever you’re ready to move into your new place...simple and stress-free.

5. Sell it:
If it’s not sentimental, and isn’t a pair of your beloved trainers, sell it and try and earn some cash on the side. The internet is full of people picking up a bargain, and a great opportunity to make some quick and easy cash.

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