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5 benefits of minimalism for you and the planet

You can lose hours, days and whole weekends reading up on the benefits of minimalism - so we summarised it here with #StressFreeStorage

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Pull up a chair and let’s talk minimalism. What is it exactly? We’re going to break down all the technical jargon that’s swimming around on the internet. You can lose hours, days and whole weekends reading up on minimalism - but we’re going to cut to the chase.

Minimalism goes beyond an all-white Ikea bathroom and having a clear kitchen countertop - think of it as a movement. A movement for both your mind, your body and your home. It can be anything from not focusing on material things to finding freedom. Whether that’s freedom from fear, freedom from stuff, or freedom from stress. Minimalism takes on many forms.

Fancy giving minimalism a go? It’s something that takes time, but you could end up with a clean house and a clean mind.

There are many benefits of becoming a minimalist not only for you, but for the planet too.

1. Clarity of Mind
Think about it - have you ever felt bad about having a spring clean? Nope. Studies show (check out Psychology Today for all the stats), that having a clear out can cut down on stress and is one of the best ways to regain clarity. It’s a big feeling of relief to throw out unwanted items that you’ve stored over time that you no longer need.

2. A Better Planet
You’re not going to change the planet by only having one cushion on your sofa instead of three...but if you’re consuming and wasting less, overall your consumption is helping to protect the planet. It’s less wasteful, and however small that change may be - it’s a small step for a healthier planet.

3. Less Stress
Picture this: you’ve had a long, arduous day at work and you come home to a clutter-free house. That’s happiness, right there. Making small changes around the house can prove beneficial in the long term.

4. Greater Purpose
Having a clear out doesn’t mean just getting rid of your three-tiered oil set and paddling pool. You can also clear out activities that you don’t want to attend, or don’t really like. Remember: no one is making you do anything. When you clear out the unnecessary activities and items from your life, something unexpected happens; a clear sense of purpose returns.

5. Self-Confidence
You may think you need to have the latest Nike Airs or whatever Kanye West has been designing, but imagine how freeing it would be to feel good about yourself without those things. You may look trendy and bask in the likes on Instagram, but this is an unexpected benefit of living with less. You start to feel good about yourself, not because of what you own but because of who you are.

If you’re thinking about leading a more minimalist-friendly life but have just realised that your rice cooker and crochet blanket are too precious to ditch, you can always pop it in storage and see if you can survive without your belongings. We’ll take it off your hands for however long you may need, and if you miss perfectly cooked long grain rice, we’ll drop it off. No stress.

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