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How to move house with a baby

Preparing the house you’re currently in for the arrival a new baby is enough of a task on its own without going through all of that and then deciding it’s a good to move house and upheave everyone to a new part of/or town entirely. If your child is anywhere under 2, they’re going to need quite a bit of looking after and keep you very distracted whilst in the midst of a house move.

You might get them off to sleep, which you think has left you with a couple of hours to get some stuff packed and moved into the van, but packing and disassembly can be a noisy business, so they’re probably up and crying for attention not long after.

Save yourself some stress and buy yourself some much-needed time by following our tips on how to make moving house with a baby as stress free as possible.

Get Organised

The main stress point of people trying to organise a move with a small child to look after is not being super organised and having every base covered. If you are having to try and call last minute removal help or you run out of boxes and tape but have a baby that needs feeding or isn’t well at the same time, you’re at a bit of a loss. Get organised ahead of time and try to make sure that you have everything you’re going to need or if you don’t that you have people on hand who you can call or send out to get extra things/take the baby off your hands for a couple of hours while you get caught up.

Believe us, you’re going to really appreciate being ahead of yourself come a crying baby just as the removals guys are arriving.

Pack everything well ahead of time and label everything strategically so that the movers know exactly where it is going at the other end and you aren’t looking for the baby’s high chair in the kitchen when it’s been put in the loft with the Christmas decorations.

Pack logically

Don’t leave all the packing until the last minute. The best way to plan is to start with the things you’re going to need least before you move out and consequentially at the other end in your new home.

One set of things that you are going to need before, during and after the move are your baby’s things. With regular feeding times, sleeping times and changing times, it’s always best to have these things on hand at any moment so that you aren’t caught short at an inopportune moment.

Never actually pack these things.

Well maybe into a handy bag that you carry with you on a day out but keep it with something for them to sleep in, a few toys, some milk and you know the drill…basically one or two of anything they might cry out for as they day goes on.

Find out where your nearest takeaway is at your new house!

We’re not kidding. After a long day of packing and moving the last thing you are going to want to do/be able to do is cook a meal for your family.

Figuring out where the nearest takeaway not only provides a quick meal for your family, it keeps you nourished if you are breastfeeding your child and also lets you know if that takeaway is any good or you’re going to have to keep trying.

Pull in the troops

Mum, Dad, Auntie Sue and your best friend Dave are all going to come in very handy during this time.

Whether you’ve got them helping to lift boxes and pack last minute items into the van or they’re cooing over the baby and taking them out for the day while you’re mid-move, the more hands on deck the better!

Hire some professionals

STORED have been helping people move house for over four years and have got the art of efficient and quick moving covered. Our guys will come and pick everything up from your old pad and transport it to the new place – they’ll even help to pack and unpack at either end if you need them to!

Allowing the professionals to do all the heavy lifting gives you more time to focus on your kids and make sure they are looked after whilst also being in the middle of a stress-free moving environment.

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