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Moving home

How to move house

People say that moving house is the most stressful experience you can go through, next to a bereavement or divorce, and it’s not for no reason. With so many things to organise, and so many things that can go wrong all focusing down onto one day of action, moving house piles on the pressure for everyone involved.

Fortunately, there are tricks and tips that can help you sidestep some of the stress, have a trouble-free moving day and settle into your new home without any worries.

1. Invest in a Wall planner

To move house successfully, you need to start planning early and to move house without losing sleep or pulling your hair out you need to share the burden fairly with everyone involved. Getting a dedicated Moving House Wall Chart will help with both of these.

You can use different colours to show which jobs are due to be done different people. That way, everyone pulls their weight throughout the whole moving period and everyone gets to benefit from the psychological boost of ticking items off a to-do list.

2. Get Ready to Scavenge

Something you might not realise until you need to move house is how expensive it is to buy cardboard boxes. Supermarkets are more committed to recycling and have inhouse recycling schemes but counterintuitively this makes it harder for you to re-use their boxes yourself – they’re unpacked and often immediately crushed and sent for recycling.

You can buy cardboard boxes online at a high price (sometimes as much as £20 for a pack) or put assign someone the task of scavenging them for free on your wall planner. If you get to big supermarkets just after they open and ask nicely, you may be able reclaim some boxes from morning deliveries before they’re recycled. Other good places to try are bookshops: they often get deliveries in sturdy boxes and aren’t big enough to have supermarket style immediate recycling.

If you’re storing any of your possessions with STORED you get free rental of enough storage crates to keep everything you have safe and carefully packed for the duration. This is one less thing to worry about when you’re trying move to a new home.

3. Start Packing Early

Nothing makes moving day stressful like staying up all night the previous day because you haven’t given enough time for packing. Start the week before, if not sooner and work room by room. Identify what you can pack early without inconveniencing yourself: if you have a study or a spare room, this is a good place to start, and will give you additional storage as you pack more boxes.

Learning how to pack a house is not easy: if your removals company includes this service it may be worth investing in it. It will save you time and effort and most importantly make sure all your possessions are packed safely to avoid breakages in transit.

4. Get the Professionals In

It’s tempting to think you can do without the expense of a professional moving company. Hiring a van is cheap by comparison and if you have a big group of friends you can call on for help loading and unloading it might look like you can get the job done by yourself.

This is almost always a false economy. Friends are enthusiastic, but unless they happen to be experienced professional movers on a day off, aren’t going to have the skills needed to move all your possessions quickly, safely and efficiently. If a moving company drops a box of your grandmother’s precious china they will have insurance covering the breakage. If a friend does, they may not be your friend for much longer.

Using STORED for your storage means removals are built into the process: STORED’s professional movers collect everything you need stored and transfer it to their secure facilities, and bring it back when you need it again, making moving day easier on you.

5. Last In, First Out

Keep one box back and pack it last with the essentials you’ve needed up until your last moments in your old home. This will be the last box onto the moving van and therefore the first box unloaded at the other side, and that means you’ll maximise your access to the things you need most, and won’t risk losing them under a big pile of unrelated boxes.

These essentials could be as simple as a kettle and teabags, so you can get a cup of tea brewing as soon you as get into your new home. They could also include documents like contracts you’ll need for reference as you’re setting up utilities at your new address, snacks, and even a change of clothes if you’re worried about the rest of your wardrobe getting lost in the move.

A good LIFO box means you can get back to normal life as quickly as possible after your move, which is important to cut down the lingering stress of the process.

If you’re moving to a smaller property, taking the chance to declutter when you move, or simply want to relieve the stress of moving house even further by not moving all your possessions at one STORED offer cheap and secure storage across London, with free pick up included at a time that suits you.

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