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How to declutter your wardrobe

If, like some of us here at STORED you are a bit of a hoarder, we can only imagine what the inside of your wardrobe looks like. We’re guessing there’s the suit that no longer fits, the unnecessary pile of socks that only grows with each coming birthday or Christmas, and who knows what else. Don’t even get us started on the chair in your room that hasn’t been able to be sat on since about a week after you bought it.

Use these handy tips from STORED to ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe no matter how small.


It didn’t start in the wardrobe so let’s pull it all out, like you normally would getting ready for a Saturday night out, and start with a fresh space.

We reckon that the best way to declutter is to first get an idea of exactly what you’ve got before you can even think of getting rid of anything. Count out all those bad day at work online shopping splurges or those bad Christmas gifts from mum you’ve buried away at the back of the ‘drobe.

Now that you can see everything you’re probably thinking, crap, this is going to take longer than I planned. Stick with us and it shouldn’t!


If you don’t wear it to work every day or to the pub on a weekend, it doesn’t get a front row seat.

Shelving in your wardrobe is a great way of keeping non-essential items in your mind but not cluttering your view; fold them up to one side so when you’re prepping for that big date or special event, it catches your eye. Anything that you’re holding onto from a skiing trip you once went on or just can’t bare yourself to get rid of put to one side for the time being - we’ll come back to that.


Now we’re down to your main outfits we need to make sure everything is in view for you to get the most out of the space. If you’ve got the room (or a small collection) one item per hanger is the way to go - nothing gets creased and you never miss a trick. There's a couple of ways you could organise the space; whether it’s by colour or into type of item, you need to pick whatever suits you best and run with it. This helps your half-asleep mind at 7am be able to know exactly where to go without too much thought.


Your wardrobe now looks like it’s fresh out of a high-end store display and you’re chuffed with yourself, but you know far too well that there’s still a pile of clothes behind you waiting for you to turn around.

What to do with these? This is where storage can come in very handy.

If the pile is mostly seasonal items like a bunch of fur coats or tiny ‘kinis then why not give us a call and we can take it all away in our 80L storage crates. We’ll store them for those months when you’re not going to need them and then when you switch you wardrobe over we can bring it all back.

Sort out a pickup with us in as little as 60 seconds and start getting that pile of unnecessary (but not unloved) items packed up and shipped off to safety until you just can’t live without them any longer. Then, you guessed it, we’ll bring it straight back! No fuss (or fashion) need hit you in the face this time.

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