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How to Deal with Home Renovation Problems

There’s nothing more rewarding than taking on a home renovation project; giving the kitchen a lick of paint, knocking down walls to create an open plan living space that you can show off to the neighbours at your yearly summer soiree, or refitting the bathroom with a brand new suite - making changes to your home is fulfilling.

You can’t switch on the TV without some home renovation show giving you hints and tips on colour shades, the latest home trend (Scandi living is the new buzzword being thrown around), kitting your home out with the latest mod-cons, and pointing you in the right direction to help achieve that Insta-worthy living room.

And whilst there are many upsides to taking on renovation projects - namely the end product - there are many downsides. We’re realists here at STORED, so we thought it would only right that we drew up a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts before you tackle your own home refurb.

1. Budgeting

We’ve all seen the predicament on Grand Designs - they go way over their estimated costs because their custom-made windows from Germany don’t fit and now the build has been delayed and the owners are distraught because they’ve had to remortgage the house. Don’t be those guys. While budgeting is a daunting task (and over a third of home renovators don’t make a money chart), it’s always advisable to plan in case something goes wrong. Setting a realistic budget, or a ballpark figure to stop spending spiraling is one of the best ways to keep your renovation on track.

2. Be Flexible

There’s no doubt on your renovation journey, you’ll have to make some changes to your original plan. This may be small details such as tiles, cabinets, or the shop discontinuing your wallpaper - change is inevitable and comes with the passing of time. Be prepared to divert away from your original plan and draw up alternative ideas - just in case.

3. Trust

While joiner Dave said he’d give you a good deal on constructing your brand spanking new kitchen, a lot of a home renovation lands in the hands of a workforce. It’s all too easy to pick the cheapest team (who doesn’t want to save some cash?), but doing your research beforehand is key to not ending up with a bodge job. Scout about and ask people for their recommendations - word of mouth is great for getting in contact with people who are tried and tested and won’t leave you in the lurch with dodgy fittings and leaky windows.

4. Storage

If your renovation is more than just a coat of paint and requires you to move furniture out of the way - one of the best ways of easing stress is to stick your goods in storage. There’s also that tiny problem of finding a car that will fit your sideboard and three seater sofa - well we came up with a pretty smart idea. At STORED we will come by, pick up all your furniture you don’t wish to be covered in dust, and we’ll store it for as long as you require. Simple. Efficient. Easy.

Lastly, do you enjoy taking on renovation projects? It may be a slog, and at times you’ll probably question why you decided to turn your house upside down in the first place, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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