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How STORED can help you move house

Moving house is a stressful experience by itself. The physical labour of packing and moving boxes is exhausting, and this is only compounded by the admin you need to do to make your move a success and ensure you’ll have TV, internet and all the necessary amenities available when you arrive. The emotional cost in lost sleep as you worry about finding a new home is another stressor you need to worry about, and it also makes you less effective at the other work you need to do.

All of this stress is only magnified when you’re being displaced from your home against your will.

Moving house can undoubtedly be stressful, especially if the move is unplanned. Lost hours of sleep, the need to arrange and organize your possessions and deal with all of your belongings, and the need to find a new residence, compound your anxiety and can often put you in a haphazard situation. STORED can take care of your belongings and ease some of the stress you will experience, and this article will tell you how!

When you choose to move house, you have the luxury of time. Time to plan, time to find exactly the right new home at exactly the right price, and time to coordinate your move like a military campaign.

Sometimes you have to move for reasons beyond your control. Whether your landlord has decided to sell your home, a relationship has ended unexpectedly and sadly, or you’ve experienced a sudden change in your job, having a move forced on you is a recipe for stress. You may find you’re not able to move into a new long-term home right away, and have to stay on friend’s sofa, in a spare room or even a hotel until you’re able to arrange a permanent solution.

If you’re facing this stressful situation, STORED has a complete service that can make your life easier, and cut your stress in half, and leave your mind clear to solve the problem of finding somewhere to live.

1. Secure Storage

The first thing on your mind if you lose your home is finding somewhere to keep all your possessions safe. You’ll likely have a network of friends you can stay with temporarily but splitting up all your personal possessions to store with different friends in the space they have available is a recipe for disaster.

STORED’s secure storage will keep everything you can’t carry with you in a suitcase safe until you need it. Whether you’re storing a single room’s worth of possessions or need to pack up and store a three bedroom flat, STORED’s facilities can accommodate you. Everything will be kept safe until you can once again give it a permanent home.

The smallest storage units are available from only £59 a month, while units of up to 400 square feet are there for when you have to arrange store for a house worth of material. Special rates are available for longer stays, so make sure you discuss your needs when you contact STORED to enquire.

2. Boxes

One of the most difficult problems when you’re packing to move house is finding enough solid cardboard boxes to keep everything you have safe, secure and protected until you can unpack. If you’re moving in a hurry you may not have the time to either find the boxes you need from supermarkets that will let you take them, or the budget to buy them! Boxes have become one of the big hidden costs of moving, but if you use STORED, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

STORED’s storage facilities come with the free rental of enough 80 litre storage boxes to keep all your possessions securely packed until you need them again. That’s just one of the ways STORED saves you time, money and stress when you have to move house.

3. Pick Up and Delivery

The final part of STORED’s complete solution to the stress of losing your home is transport. When you’re moving your stuff into storage, getting it there is the most challenging thing. You either have to hire a van, or make multiple trips in a car. If you don’t drive yourself you’re relying on the kindness of friends or paying out for a delivery service.

STORED include the free pick up of all your items in the cost of your rental.

You just need to tell them when to arrive, and their expert movers will collect everything you need stored, drive it to STORED’s facilities and pack it securely away.

When you have a permanent home, you just need to give 24 hours notice, and STORED will deliver it to your door at a time of your choosing.

For a single low price, STORED solve all the storage problems you’re suddenly facing, leaving you free to deal with the real issues.

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