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5 Steps for an Easy Move for Students

As a student, moving flats on a shoestring can be tough. But with #StressFreeStorage you can worry that little bit less and ‘study’ more.

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Time flies when you’re having fun, or in this case it flies when you’re spending every waking moment in the library and single-handedly keeping Tesco afloat with your daily meal deal purchases.

Exams are officially over, and summer is only a few weeks away. Until then it’s splurging every last bit of your money on 2 4 1 Jägerbombs and scouting out the last of the Dominos voucher codes. But we need to address something that you’ve probably swept under the carpet - moving out of Uni halls. It’s probably not high up on your list right now, but sooner or later your time will be up, and you’ll have to move on to pastures new. No fear, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a tried and tested list of 5 easy steps to guarantee an easy move.

1. Plan Ahead
We’re starting off simple but planning ahead is key to a stress-free move. You need to make a few decisions; head home on the train, sweet talk your parents in coming down in their Volvo Estate or try and persuade a mate with 4 wheels and some spare time. If you’ve managed to wrangle a lift with your parents - you’ve hit the jackpot. However, if you’re heading on the train - book your tickets then figure out a slot that will allow you enough time to pack up all your stuff.

2. Figure out what you’re going to do with your belongings
Over the past year you may have accumulated all sorts of sports gear, a traffic cone or pedestrian sign, a year’s supply of empty vodka bottles and god knows what else. Bin/recycle everything you’re clearly not going to need - and that goes for the Bill and Ben fancy dress costumes. There’s really no need to pack up and take your well used kitchen utensils that you’re not going to use next year. A stress-free solution is giving us a call; we’ll come by and pick up any of your belongings and store them nearby over the summer. Once you’re back at university, we’ll drop them back off at your new pad. Pretty great, right?

3. Pack away
This is the time to dust off those suitcases you’ve been storing in the cupboard for the past year. Pack as many clothes in a suitcase that you know you’re not going to need this summer (woolly jumpers, winter jackets etc), and put bulky items into clearly labelled boxes ready to be stored. Be ruthless, if you’re not going to wear/use the item - stick it in a box, and we’ll keep it safe.

4. Clean your Room
Head to Poundland to stock up on cleaning supplies and throw around some bleach, leaving your room smelling like a communal swimming pool. Make sure you give it a proper hoover and dust before you leave, so you’re not slapped with a cleaning bill or reduced deposit at the end of your move.

5. Last minute admin
Here’s a check list to follow before you leave:

Make sure your room is clean and tidy and book an inspection with the landlord, so all is clear.
Report any faults with the room (lights not working, curtain rail on its last legs).

Don’t leave anything behind - under the bed, behind the cupboard. Just to be safe.
Return your keys

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