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5 Products to Help You Move House

Moving house is so much fun. Said no one. Ever. Moving house is a laborious task that soaks up any enjoyment. The packing, the lifting, the taping - it hardly screams ‘party time’, right? But there’s no way of getting around it; moving house is inevitable, and when that day rears it’s not-so-fun head, you need to be prepared. Like, really prepared.

We’re just going to put it out there right now: moving on any sort of hangover, wine headache or ‘I only went to the pub for one, but ended up forgetting my own name and where I live’ hangover is a definite no no.

Put the wine on chill and read our guide to the 5 things you need to help you move to a new house, stress-free.

1. Lists

We all love a list. We even write a list about what lists we need to write. Lovely, lovely lists. To tackle the house move in a pain-free manner, lists are going to become your new best friend. List how many boxes you have in each room and its content, list what belongs where, and what you want to keep are some of the best ways in running your house move like a military operation. Keep it orderly. Keep it simple.

2. Boxes and Duct Tape

Speaking of boxes, you’re going to need a lot of them. Probably way more than you originally planned. Always better to be swimming in boxes than having to nip out every other day to stock up on more. And duct tape. Buy rolls of the stuff. Those boxes aren’t going to close by themselves.

3. Bubble wrap

It wouldn’t go down too well at Christmas dinner if you broke all of your late aunt Sheila’s antique plates. Don’t use newspaper, its flimsy and won’t pad anything. For keepsakes and anything that’s prone to breaking, wrap it all in bubble wrap to make sure you have no disasters. You can also use clothes, towels, blankets and any other soft items too.

4. Labels

As well as lists, we love another product beginning with L: labels. After you’ve packed all your goods into boxes, make sure to label your items not only with the room you want them in, but whether they contain fragile items, and which way up they should be stored.

5. Storage

We’ve saved the best till last, but we may be biased. If the thought of moving your dining table plus your outdoor furniture and coffee table all in one go is too much, we’ve come up with a handy plan. There’s the option of giving us a call, and we’ll come along with our mega van which can just about fit anything, and we’ll collect your bulky items, and store them until you’re ready to collect them. Stress-frees storage? You know it.

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