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5 Clear Reasons to use STORED when moving

Before you start packing up your stuff, it’s worth giving us a call for a free quote. Here are the 5 reasons why #StressFreeStorage works.

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We don’t want to brag but we’re pretty good at what we do. Years ago, when we were in a soulless meeting room in Bank throwing a tennis ball around for ideas - we came up with it: a storage company that cuts out all the hassle of you venturing to the suburbs to drop off your TV cabinet (among other things).

If you’re moving to a new home, but don’t want the hassle of moving all your stuff in one go (or don’t simply have the room), we’ve come up with 5 clear reasons to use STORED, when moving.

1. Free Quotes
Before you’ve even thought about packing up your stuff, it’s worth picking up the phone and giving us a call. We have various unit sizes available depending on how much stuff you want to store. The quote is totally free with no obligation or hidden catches.

2. It’s on Your Terms
We’ve enticed you with our friendly manner and competitive pricing and now the only thing left is to book. You can arrange a collection from the comfort of your sofa, whilst watching Netflix or eating a Deliveroo - it’s that easy. Can’t make 3pm because you’re dropping the children off at karate? That’s totally cool. Pick a time and date that works for you.

3. Pick Up
This really is the creme de la crème of our company; we come around to your home with our storage mystery machine (a really big van) to pick up your prized possessions. We’re not asking you to fit all of it in the back of your Fiat 500 and drive south of the river. We’ll send two lovely movers to your house, and they’ll move it all (you can be catching up on a box set at this point) and we’ll also provide free use of our STORED crates.

4. Safe and Secure Units
If you’re moving home, you’ll no doubt have some sentimental items that you don’t really want to part with...we get that. Rest assured all of our storage units are secure and safe. Not even the Italian Job could blow the (insert profanity) doors off.

5. Quick Returns
When you’ve moved into your new home, you can call us up at any time and we’ll drop off your stuff, at a time that suits you. None of this two weeks’ notice period nonsense that seems to be the norm with other companies.

If you’re looking for a #StressFreeStorage solution without the storage price tag - give us a call.

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