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How much space do you need?

image of storage unit london 12 sqft

12 sqft (1.11sqm)

Closet space

8–10 storage boxes

Or 4–5 large suitcases

£89 month

£20.54 week

£2.97 day

Billed monthly

Return fee from £29



Our return pricing is based on the availability of our teams on any given day - in the same way as booking airline tickets, the earlier you can book your return, the better the price.

If you can give us a full month notice, the £29 or £89 return fee (depending on the length of your stay) will be available and guaranteed. If you’re needing to book last minute, it’s possible your chosen return date may be fully booked or have limited availability. In these instances, prices tend to be higher as we may need to arrange an additional team to return your items. Where a date is fully booked, an alternate date at lower prices will generally be available.

Please note, during peak periods - such as late summer and immediately prior to the holiday season - can be particularly busy so it’s always advisable to book as early as you can for returns around these times. We advise aiming to give no less than 2 weeks notice for returns wherever possible.