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Moving is a big step forward for some people. Some people move for better financial opportunities, some move to be close to their loved ones, and some move to a school district for their kid’s better future. 

Whatever the reason may be, moving is a big step, to leave a place where you have spent a good part of your life and saying it goodbye can be hard for some people.

Birmingham Storage services

Once you are past the sadness, moving has an upside to it too! You get to explore a new place, make new memories and friends. If a better job or a new home is bringing you to a new place, you haven’t anything to be sad about. 

Even though there are a lot of best places to live in Surrey, Birmingham is the largest and most populated borough of England, it has beautiful cities and towns, all have their unique offerings.

If you are considering Birmingham for moving and are torn between its various neighbourhoods, we are here to help you through. Tired of looking for cheap places to live in Surrey? Whether you are looking for great nightlife, a place with lush greenery, or all the prestigious schools; we have compiled a list of top places to live in Birmingham!

And, the best part is that your hassle of moving can be eased by using STORED’s services as well. Throughout the move, you can get assistance with packing, collecting, storage, and returns with the utmost excellence. 


Bournville is situated on the Southwest side of Birmingham, it was founded as a model village by the Cadbury group of companies. It is a nice suburb, it is termed as the most popular place to live in due to its ever so popular Cadbury legacy.

Bournville was conceptualised in 1900, and since then, it is maintained to the highest level of perfection. While living in Bournville, you will get to experience the best of both worlds, you will enjoy the calm and peace of suburbs with plenty of recreational facilities.


Erdington is the trendiest place in the UK right now, if you want to move to a place that is up to date with all the latest trends and fashion, Erdington is your best bet. We say rent a storage Birmingham unit today and move to Erdington at the first instance. This place cannot be described as a suburb as its infrastructure is well-connected.

Thanks to all the investment brought in recently, there are plenty of shopping centres, hospitals, schools and sports arenas in Erdington. Once you move to Erdington, you will love it there, it has all the facilities one can imagine.

Jewellery Quarter

The district of Jewellery Quarter was once famous for its commerce and trade. It was a hub for jewellery business with over 500 business owners. Jewellery Quarter is going through a residential boom right now, with over 200 listed apartment buildings and many under construction, it is becoming the trendiest place to be.

Jewellery Quarter can be your new home, but the prices of real estate are comparatively on the higher side. It is said to be the cultural hub as well as a business district. To date, Jewellery Quarter is said to produce around 40% of jewellery in the UK.


Digbeth is a place perfect for creative souls who love to live life on their own terms. Digbeth is a cultural and industrial hub with nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and food trucks. It is a place that has huge potential for the digital market and professionals related to it.

Experts predict a huge progressive boom for Digbeth as more and more businesses, entrepreneurs and investors are taking interest in its growth. If you are thinking about moving to Digbeth, we say take the leap of faith, and you will not be disappointed. 

You will get ample job opportunities in Digbeth, the schools and colleges are great, and it is the most vibrant place in the UK.


Solihull is said to be the best places to live and work in England, and there is no denying it. You get to enjoy the peaceful life of the country and take advantage of all the urban development, Solihull lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Solihull has a rich culture, it has many theatres, cinemas and art houses, and it has some of the best schools in England. Solihull is an ideal place to raise a family due to its close proximity to all the facilities. The ever so famous Birmingham airport is also situated in Solihull, so that’s one more thing to like about it.

Moseley and Kings Heath

Moseley and Kings Heath is awarded the ‘best urban area’ award, and we see why it is. Moseley and Kings Heath is famous for its Victorian architecture, historical buildings, and the Moseley festival.

There are a lot of self-storage Birmingham companies that offer services in Moseley and Kings Heath, so you will have no problems while moving. This place has plenty of lush greenery for people who love nature to soothe the eyes and soul. You will not be short on options of leisure, entertainment and enjoyment with the never-ending list of cafes, restaurants and bars.

Hire STORED and Move Stress-Free

Once you are all set and have a place locked in mind to move, then starts a phase where you have to do the actual moving. People move for different reasons, some look for better financial opportunities, some want to explore new places while some just want a change of scenery. 

No matter what your reasons are, moving to a new place is always stress-full and tiring, especially if you have alot of stuff to take along. To solution? Hire a removal company that makes sure you have a smooth transition to you new house.

STORED is UK’s number one storage company that offers removal and storage services at unbelivablly now price! Move to your new place without any worry, the experts at STORED will make sure all your stuff reaches your new house safely.

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