What to Do If You’re Moving Out Without a Moving in Date

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Moving house is a stressful time. It feels satisfying when everything finally goes through – you’ve sold your house and have your date to move out by. You’re looking forward to settling into your new home when something goes wrong. The other party are dragging their heels and you suddenly don’t have a definite moving in date.

Don’t panic!

This is not an uncommon problem to have, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Make sure you’re prepared for this transition period with the help of our handy tips.

Find somewhere to stay

In a perfect world, you have a friend or family member that you can stay with in the interim. If you have a big family, then maybe you have to split between two places – with your parents and your partner’s parents, for example.

What about when staying with family isn’t an option? If you’ve just got a few days, then a hotel is another good option. The luxury life could be fun, but remember you’ll be in very close quarters with your family. Staying for longer could get expensive, too, so it depends what your budget is. For longer periods, you could look on sites like Airbnb and other short-term accommodation services.

Short term storage for your belongings

Wherever you’re staying in the interim period, it will be a hassle to take all your household possessions with you. The best option here is to find a short term storage company that will store all your belongings for you and keep them safe. You can then have them returned to your new address when you eventually move in. bySTORED offers short term storage in London for all your furniture and other items.

Look after your pets

If you’re moving with pets, then the place you’re staying may not allow them, especially if it’s a hotel or a short-term rental. In this position, you want to make sure they’re looked after. Ask around friends, family, and neighbours to see if anyone can look after them. Websites like Borrow My Doggy are also good for short term care, or you could find a local kennels or boarding place to put them up in.

Look after your pets

Don’t let your move stress you out any more than it has to. Prepare yourself for all eventualities and make sure you have a back up plan.

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  1. Great post! It’s not ideal to be moving out before your move-in date but it’s definitely something that you can work with. It just requires some careful planning to make sure that everything is in order! And probably some helpful family members.

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