It’s Coming Home – Where to watch England v Croatia

What started as a ’96 bit of hope that football was finally coming back to it’s homeland, the 2018 World Cup is the closest we’ve got to it actually coming home in a long time.

It’s coming home

The song has seen a resurgence in popularity and becoming one of the most played songs in the charts since England made it to the semi-finals after beating Sweden on Saturday.

We’re all excited to go and watch England in what is undoubtedly their toughest match of the tournament yet, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to bag one of the tickets to the large screens at Hyde Park then check out these other top places to watch the boys bring it (closer to) home.

Boxpark, Shoreditch/Croydon

The trendy east London and their newer south London spot have once again set up a big screen for the event and is offering a range of great deals on both beer and food during the matches to keep you hydrated and in good spirits. (Tickets only)

Flatiron Square, London Bridge

Flat iron square
Flat Iron Square

This square has seen some absolutely amazing scenes over the last few England world cup wins, so if the boys do well in the Semi’s it’s set to be one of the best places to be in the whole of London. Tickets are available from Sunday 8th July but some will be available on the door.

Get down early to this one to bag a seat!

The Bud boat, The Thames

Say goodbye to terra firma for this one as you embark on a five hour football jaunt down the Thames to make the most of this heatwave and soak in the whole semi final.

Tickets for this one are £10 but include, pre and post match entertainment as well as one free bud and a cup to keep.

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

The Faltering Fullback

As what can only be described as one of the best beer gardens in London, the  fullback in north London is a great place to sink a couple of cold ones and soak up the football atmosphere.

We’re not sure if they’re making the most of those nooks and cranny’s in the garden with screens but there will definitely be a big screen inside to catch the goals.

Go on, get pumped for the match with this epic tune and send us a picture on instagram of where you decide to catch the game and you could win yourself £50 #mytimebystored.

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