Secure Self Storage for Your Getaway!

Secure self storage for all the items that we hold dear to our heart.

Secure self storage for all the items that we hold dear to our heart. Home decorations that belong to our beloved grandparents, that exotic statue you got as a wedding gift or those old toys you’ve had since you were a child. However, with London’s space constraints, are you running of out of space?

Not to worry- bySTORED is here to help! We store your valuable items in our secure warehouse, allowing you to have the simple and spacious living you always dreamed of.

How it work

We appreciate that few people living in London have the luxury of time, so we’ve made it easy for you…

You Book
We offer 1-hour timeslots from early to morning to late nights, including weekends.

We Pack & Collect
Complimentary packing by our agents in our industrial strength, 80 litre crates made out of recyclable plastic- all packing materials are on us!

We Store
Your items securely stored and itemised on your online profile along with a personal Number ID that can be traced by logging into your account.

We Deliver It Back
Book a 1-hour return slot; you set the most convenient date, hour and location!


Have peace of mind with our £500 complementary insurance that will ensure that your items are secured. But what about those items that have a higher value- sentimental or monetary? You are more than welcome to increase the total insurance amount for a small fee.

Secure Hands

We employ our own drivers and drive our own vans. No 3rd party involvement. Our warehouse has state-of-the-art security with alarms and CCTV surveillance by professional, secure agents that are present 24/7.

Planning on storing your belongings using a secure service? Contact bySTORED. today for a tailor-made quote.

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