Top London places making the most of their small spaces


Attendant, Fitzrovia
Attendant, Fitzrovia

We all love George Clark and how he can turn a tiny space into something amazing – but he’s definitely not the first! In London, space is a precious commodity and ingenious entrepreneurs have been snapping up weird and wonderful places to turn into bars, cinemas, shops etc. for a very long time.

See below bySTORED’s top picks of the best uses of small and strange spaces around the city.

The Attendant, Fitzrovia, W1

This former Victorian toilet, we know what you’re thinking and yes, it is sanitary, has been lovingly repurposed into a coffee and brunch spot in the heart of central London.

Head down into the main space under Foley St and enjoy a coffee sat in an old urinal or maybe even grab a bite to eat from the Attendant Kitchen.

Kape Barako, Hampstead Heath, NW3

The red telephone box has been an icon of London since its introduction to the city in 1924. Now, mostly disused, husband and wife duo Umar and Alona decided to snap up one near the Heath and turn it into one of the smallest coffee kiosks we’ve ever seen. It’s safe to say they won’t be asking if it’s to eat in or takeaway but housing a coffee machine and also a number of other snacks/drinks to buy into a small telephone box is a brilliant use of the space. And where better to enjoy a coffee than the heath on a sunny day.

WC, Clapham, SW4

We don’t spend all our time in disused toilets, promise! But this gem in Clapham common has, much like the attendant, turned a 100-year-old disused public bathroom into a swanky wine and charcuterie joint that has been pulling in the crowds for the last few years. Go down the old curved staircase and you’ll be transported into a ambiently lit room with wooden tables, green tiling and not a smell of urine but more of good wine, cheese and cured meats! It’s probably the nicest experience you can have in a public loo and they don’t charge 50p entry either.

Euston Tap, Euston Station, NW1

Housed inside one of the Victorian gatehouses at the entrance to the station, Euston Tap may not have much seating available but somehow manages to fit 27 beer lines in there.

Whether you’re about to embark on a journey to your parent’s house, a friend’s wedding or just a cheeky getaway – it’s perhaps one of the best spots to grab a last craft beer in London.



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