A car, a leg, a comicbook and the other strange things found in storage units.

Nicolas Cage as Superman.

If you’ve seen ‘Storage Wars’ you’ll know all too well the treasures to be had in some storage units – people store all sorts from collectables to family heirlooms.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 strange things found in storage units the world over.

  1. A human leg!


We’re not joking, back in 2007 a man bought a unit that he found had a meat smoker in it. We’d be excited too by this concept, think of the looks on your friends faces when you whip out a fresh brisket at your summer BBQ.

But, what was actually found inside was an amputated leg that belonged to a Mr. John Wood, who had lost it in a plane crash back in 2004.

Whisnant, the man who now legally owned the leg after Wood lost the unit for falling behind on payments, decided to turn it over to the police who in turn sent it to a funeral parlour.

The funeral parlour then thought it was a good idea to tap into people’s morbid curiosity and started to charge to look at the leg inside the smoker! Whisnant, upon learning this, asked for the smoker back, but the funeral home refused and so he contacted Wood to see if he was willing to share profits and ownership.

“I just think it’s despicable,” said Wood. “I don’t mind having the 15 minutes of fame, but I’m not looking to really profit off this thing. He’s making a freak show out of it.”

The pair ended up fighting this out in court, with the leg finally being returned to its original owner!

  1. Live ammunition


We don’t know about other unit providers but here at bySTORED we do not allow ammunition or guns to be stored in our warehouse, so we were quite surprised by this one!

A man in Michigan, US bought a unit and when he opened it, was presented with a live hand grenade! Doing the right thing, the man called the authorities who sent the bomb disposal unit to safely get rid of and thankfully, no one was harmed in the process.

  1. Aretha Franklin’s Clothes


Aretha Franklin knew how to show a little respect, and that was even true when it came to her extensive wardrobe. Following a fire at her home, she apparently used a storage unit in Michigan to make sure her beloved clothes were kept safe and away from harm.

Unfortunately, after some time, Franklin stopped paying for her unit and the way the industry is, she was forced to give up the unit and its contents and the whole lot was sold to the highest bidder!

  1. Equipment from Outer Space


Okay, so this isn’t actually some alien technology from a galaxy far, far away but on the program Auction Hunters, one lucky bidder won himself the contents of a unit and inside found himself some NASA memorabilia!

The unit contained an actual rocket and countdown clock that were never actually flown into space. The program they were part of was shut down and the pieces were put into lock down until they were bought.

  1. The one we all want to find, thousands and thousands of pounds in cash!


If this isn’t enough to get you applying for Storage Wars, then I’m not sure what is! A man from San Jose, California went to a storage unit auction to see what he could get and bid on a unit. When he won, he discovered a treasure trove of coins, and silver and gold!

The place looked like Aladdin’s cave and the contents of the unit was estimated to be worth over half a million dollars!

  1. Nicholas Cage’s Favourite Comic?


Everyone loves Nicholas Cage but not as much as Nicholas Cage loved this comic book.

When one man bought a storage unit in 2011 he found a very rare comic book inside, which turned out to be a first edition Superman!

Obviously, the man thought he could earn a pretty penny out of his find so took it to a dealer, but it wasn’t meant to be. It turns out that Nicholas Cage had purchased the comic back in 1995, which was valued at $1million, but it was stolen from his home in 2000.

Unfortunately for the unit owner, the guy he contacted was the very same who had sold it to Cage back in 1995 and so thought it best to return in to the celeb.

We just hope there was a few more finds in that unit for its new owner to discover!

  1. A Strange Piece of K.I.T.T.


Here in the U.K. one lucky set of employees were brushing shoulders with celebrities (if we now count famous cars as celebs) when one customer drove up to their units in the famous Knight Rider car. No, it wasn’t Hasselhoff, unfortunately.

We’re not sure if the car was being stored or just used to transport stuff to the unit, but we’d like to think the former and that those boxes were actually lugging behind in a transit van and not scuffing the back seat of the 80s classic.

  1. The Name’s Bond, James Bond


You think this one would be in the U.K. too, but the famous submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me turned up in a unit that a man paid just $100 for in Long Island!

Best part is, the man hadn’t even seen any Bond films before this moment and it turned out that this car was the last of 8 originals used in the film.

Tesla founder Elon Mush later purchased the car from an auction for an estimated $1million!

  1. A Dead Body!


Something that no one wishes to find in a unit, and, to be honest, one that no one expects to find is a body!

When a 95-year-old woman passed away in a nursing home, her daughter made sure that she would take care of everything but due to storms and other complications the woman was unable to bury her mother.

Instead, she decided to take the body to the unit until she could bury it, or so she said. The woman’s ex-husband claimed that she couldn’t actually handle losing her mother and had always had hoarding tendencies, so that was why she kept the body!

  1. Burt Reynolds Personal Collection


When a man such as Bert Reynolds decided to open a storage unit, you know he’s only using it to store absolute gems.

Over the span of his career, Reynolds collected memorabilia and artefacts from his films and life that he decided to keep in units instead of cluttering his home.

The actor, however, was unable to pay in 1999 and the contents of his unit were put up for auction – luckily a group of fans bought most of the items and set up the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum so that everyone could see the prized collectables!

We can’t fully disclose what is being held in the bySTORED warehouse at this time, but it’s safe to say these things blow anything we’ve ever come across out of the water.

If you fancy storing something collectable or strange, book a free collection slot and speak to our team about what it is you want to store, and we’ll see what we can do!

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