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Does your home need some serious renovations and repairs, but you can’t afford major renovations right now? There are some cool DIYs and affordable tips and tricks you can follow to give your place a new, refreshing look. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to upgrade your home or rent a professional.

Home Improvement Hacks for Beginners

Whether you make minor home repairs or significant ones, these hacks will ease your home improvement process and make it fun.

Attach glass doors on cabinets:

Glass doors on cabinets look elegant and classy. It’s one way to keep your cabinets organised because everything will be visible to everyone with a glass door. Messy cabinets will not look pleasant to the eye.

To avoid a cluttered look, you will make an effort to keep your cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen and lounge clean and tidy. It will bring efficiency and create an aesthetic look for your surroundings.

Install open shelves in the entryway or lounge:

Entryways or lounges are usually the places that tend to get messy every day and take a reasonable amount of time to clean. It’s where family and friends hang out. That’s why it gets cluttered.

Installing open shelves if you have limited space will give you storage without making the room look crowded.
Open shelves are visible to everyone, the residents of the home and the guests, which brings us to our next home improvement tip. Like glass cabinets, you will make an effort to keep your open shelves organised and clean. Also, since everything will be visible, it will be easy to access your belongings.

Invest in trollies and baskets:

This tip will come in handy if you install open shelves. You can arrange your stuff in baskets and place them on the shelves. You won’t have to worry about the visible mess when it’s hidden in aesthetic yet functional baskets.

You can label the baskets and organise them categorically, so you have quick access to whatever you need at that moment. Instead of separating items and keeping them in different places, it’s much faster to clean up if you have to keep similar items in one basket.

Investing in a good-quality trolley to store stationery, kitchen utensils or spices, books or toiletries will turn out greatly helpful for you.

Replace a torn window screen:

Sooner or later, window screens require repair. If you think window screens can only be repaired by a professional, you will be glad to know that it’s not as difficult as it may seem. There are multiple videos online that have step-by-step instructions on repairing a window.

You will be glad to know that the tools and materials required to fix a window screen are readily available and inexpensive.

If the window is torn, broken or damaged even slightly, insects, pests and dust can enter your home and cause issues. Not only will your windows be repaired, but they will look attractive.

Rent a personal storage unit:

Renting a personal storage unit will give you a safe and secure space to store your valuable belongings, which have no room in your home. You can rent self-storage for personal use, commercial and student use for as long as needed.
You can rent a climate controlled storage unit for weather-sensitive belongings like paintings, antiques, leather furniture, upholstery, suede items, musical instruments, electronics, paperwork and documents, clothing and fabric. It will prevent damage from humidity, excessive moisture and mildew.

Utilise garage space smartly:

No matter how big or small your garage is, it often gets messy. One great way to utilise the maximum area of your garage is to install shelves. You will be able to store more stuff and keep it organised for an extended period. One tip to remember is to stack heavier cartons and boxes below the lighter ones.

You can hang custom shelves by getting into the basics of woodworking. You will require a few tools, but investing a little time, effort, and money in your garage will make storing accessible, efficient, and unchallenging.

Deep clean your carpets and curtains:

Sometimes a little deep cleaning goes a long way in giving your space a new look. You don’t always have to spend money to redecorate your home. You can get your carpets, mats and curtains either professionally cleaned or give them a wash yourself.

Trust us, clean curtains and carpets not only look clean but fresh and cherry on top, they will smell great as well. A few cleaning products purchased from the supermarket will make your work done.

Vary your lighting choices:

Lighting plays a massive role in illuminating the place and prevents it from looking dull, boring, and dingy. Firstly, clean up all the light shades and bulbs. You can even purchase table lamps and new bulbs to give a refreshing, bright and pleasant look.

If there’s a specific dark corner at your home, you can place a floor lamp to revive that place and give it a new, freshening look. It’s an inexpensive home improvement tip that doesn’t require much effort.

Update your appliances:

Kitchen and home appliances need frequent cleaning and repairing to function correctly. A thorough clean will make them as good as new. You can change every device’s batteries that require batteries, like clocks, digital thermostats, garage door openers and wireless doorbells, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, etc.

Reuse, sell or replace items:

Recycling, reusing, selling or replacing items will conserve resources, reduce the waste stream, cause less pollution and make needed items available to those who can’t afford to buy them new. This way, you won’t be hoarding household items and creating inevitable loads of clutter.

Avoid using plastic bags as they are not good for the environment. You can instead use tote bags made from recycled materials. You can reuse plastic bags to keep your plants alive when you leave town by placing them around the entire plant to trap moisture. You can get organised by using jars for spices and dry goods in the pantry or organising tools like nuts and bolts.




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