Death decluttering: the Swedish trend taking the world by storm

Dostadning – the art of death and cleaning. 

It’s not quite as morbid as it sounds but Swedish death decluttering is fast becoming THE way to get rid of unnecessary stuff around the home and in your life.

Swedish Death Decluttering

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where a family member or close friend has died and you’ve been left with the, sometimes mammoth, task of going through their belongings you know it can be not only physically but emotionally difficult.

The art of death decluttering is getting your range of possessions down to those absolutely necessary for living so that those you leave behind aren’t left with the arduous task of deciding what to do with all your belongings after you’re gone.

Swedish Death Decluttering
Margareta Magnusson

Author of ‘The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning’, Margareta Magnusson, who claims her age to be somewhere between 80 and 100, believes that she has been death cleaning her entire life as it keeps order around you.

Swedish Death Decluttering

Magnusson recommends that you shouldn’t start with sentimental items as you’re just going to get stuck on a trip down memory lane and lose hours that could have been spent getting rid of a lot of other things. She does however say that you should keep one box of sentimental items that you really enjoy and will want to look at over the years.

The items in the ‘throw box’ will most likely mean absolutely nothing to anyone else and so can just be chucked away after you’re gone. Family and friends are welcome to look through them but it’s best if they chuck out after as there is no need to hold on to any of these items.

Swedish Death Decluttering

The main thinking behind the death cleaning ideal is to start around middle-age and take a slow process over the latter half of your life to fully examine what you own and determine what can be thrown away or passed down for younger generations to enjoy.

It’s not even just making sure there is minimal belongings left behind that is the purpose of this, it is also said to make sure your life and day run more smoothly.

Think about it, the less possessions you have cluttering up your home and also your mind means that you can focus on things you actually want to do and be more productive and thoughtful.

So why not give it a go and start working your way through all the excess stuff you have and giving Swedish death cleaning a real go.

Swedish Death Decluttering

Oh and Margareta Magnusson always says that you should treat yourself by going to the cinema, or for a nice meal or to see friends after a bout of cleaning – so why not!

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