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It is high time we start taking care of our planet and treating it as a home for future generations. It’s 2022, and we are still responsible for a staggering 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. All this plastic waste in packing contributes directly to the worsening global warming. 

It takes years for plastic to degenerate and decompose properly, all the while emitting greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals into our environment. People may debate that plastic packaging is safer and cheaper than its alternatives. However, it is not a valid reason to knowingly destroy our ecosystem. 

Are you running a business and looking for eco-friendly, sustainable packaging options? The good news is the market for sustainable packaging has expanded quite a bit in recent years. With the help of the proper research and technologies, people have come up with quite a few sustainable packing options that work just as well. 

sustainable packaging approachesWhy Is Sustainable Packaging Important?

People are much more informed now; they shop, use and invest in products wisely. Gladly, an average consumer now takes out time to investigate where his money is going. People prefer brands that follow practices like sustainable packaging, environmentally safe products, vegan raw materials, and non-cruelty-tested products.

Moreover, businesses that offer sustainable packaging and eco-friendly products have the moral edge that sets them apart from their competitors. In order to make their business flourish, most businesses are compelled to follow eco-friendly practices, which is eventually great for our planet.

Not to forget, the onus of protecting our planet and ensuring it remains habitable for our generations falls on each of us. Whether you are a consumer, a business entrepreneur, or just looking for packing material for a couple of things, make sure to opt for sustainable packaging trends.  

Different method of packagingWhat Are The Different Methods Of Packaging?

Enough about the problem, let’s focus on how we can make things better. Making a smooth transition to sustainable packing will allow you to attract more customers, cut costs wherever possible and contribute towards our planet’s wellness.

To gice you a better picture, we have enlisted a few eco-friendly alternatives below if you are interested in exploring various sustainable packing approaches. You can get familiar with each option along with its pros and cons and make an informed decision yourself. 

Bio-degradable packing materials

One of the most effective yet cheapest biodegradable packing materials you can use is cardboard. The cardboard itself is 100% degradable; it takes a year to degrade entirely and leaves no trace.

You can go one step further and buy recycled or corrugated cardboard, which is as effective as the regular one. A good quality cardboard box can safely contain your contents for years. Later it can be recycled and reused, which means zero harm to our planet.

Eco-friendly fillers

One of the most outrageous packing materials, which ends up in landfills, lakes, and dumpsites, is void fillers. Fillers are used to provide extra cushioning and keep things in place. Most businesses use standard box sizes; if the stuff they are sending is small and possesses a chance of damage, they fill the box with void fillers.

Moreover, most businesses use bubble wraps, plastic pillows, air pillows, and packing chips as void fillers. All these options are non-sustainable and take years to degenerate completely. They are single-use items and will end up in landfills. The alternative?

Thankfully, a couple of paper fillers are available easily in the market. Paper fillers are just as effective as plastic void fillers regarding shock absorbance and protection. You can choose from a range of frilled paper, corrugated fill, biodegradable peanuts, and shredded paper for a sustainable packing alternative.

Cellulose packaging

You might not have heard about this one, as it’s relatively new, and not many brands have started using cellulose yet. Cellulose film is made from naturally derived wood, hemp, and cotton raw materials. It is a transparent plastic-like film that can be used to wrap and protect whatever you want.

Experts are of the view that cellulose can ultimately replace plastic if used correctly. Instead of opting for bubble wrap or plastic shrink wrap, using cellulose sheets can be a positive step toward sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

Not to mention, Cellulose has a low permeability to moisture, water, grease, and oil which is why it is open-heartedly accepted as a packaging alternative by the food industry. Many storage companies like STORED, follow this practice while packing and storing items in facilities which is a great sign. 

Kraft paper packaging

As apparent from the name, this is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable material. It is strong, sturdy, and reliable in packing and shipping products. Kraft paper is made from 100% natural ingredients containing wood pulp and natural fibres.

Additionally, you can also use Kraft paper as wrapping material, bundle packaging, and void fillers. This lightweight yet sturdy packaging material is famous for its functionality and low price. This is one of the best eco-friendly packaging options available at the moment.

Recyclable packing tape

Another component that is used unsparingly in packaging is packing tape. Every box, no matter what size, every pallet, no case how large or small, is sealed with packing tape at the end. Traditionally, the packing tape that is used is non-degradable. 

The alternative? Switch to paper tape and play your part in making this world better. Even small things like switching to paper tape will impact if more people start this practice. 

Use paper packing tape to seal, wrap, and bundle boxes and packages effectively. These tapes are flexible enough to curve along any service. Another great thing is paper tapes have high-temperature tolerance than plastic tape and are said to withstand hot and cold temperatures. 

In a Nutshell

With all the above options available, you don’t have any reason to use plastic packing material. You have the power to make an impact that will make this world a better place for you and future generations. Precisely, make the switch to sustainable packaging today! 

You are responsible for many things impacting the world today, and it’s time to step up and play your part for its betterment. Starting today!




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