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Our mission at bySTORED. is simply put: Providing cheaper storage, in the most secure & simple way.

Man in Tiny Flat.

Our mission at bySTORED. is simply put: Providing cheaper storage, in the most secure & simple way.

Take away the fact that we provide cheaper storage in the most secure way, what do we mean by providing storage in a simple way? Well, our service was designed to make storage as hassle-free as possible for people living in London. That meant designing everything we do around our customers, specifically around Londoners.

UK homes are now officially the smallest in Europe. With London also being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, it’s high time to make use of every single square foot of space available.

  • You can enjoy a more spacious home for less by splitting the rent.
  • You get the chance to meet new people and potentially make life-long friends.
  • Bills and other house-related expenses are shared.

As we love to help our customers make their lives better & easier, we’ve also come across a company that shares our mindset. Weroom is a great service that allows you to search and book your ideal apartment and choose the people you want to live with.

Man in Tiny Flat

Here are two ways of making sure you make the most out of your hard earned cash:

  • Clear your spare room of un-needed furniture and general clutter. Get a flat mate and split the rent and expenses. bySTORED. will collect and store your furniture and excess stuff and you’ve got a room to rent out! Weroom will help you all the way to rent out your room and to find the perfect flatmate.
  • You’re on the hunt for a flat. Weroom have hundreds of flats and will help you with the search for your ideal apartment and flatmates. Don’t have enough closet space? We’ll help you out by storing your excess stuff, ready for when you find that slightly bigger closet space.

Enjoy a life shared!

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