Places to Work in London as a Remote Worker

Places to Work in London for Freelancers

When you work remotely, the world is your oyster. You could work practically anywhere in the world, so how do you choose? If you’ve chosen London as your base, there are so many great spots for you to work out of. One of the perks of working remotely is that you have the option of working from home, but you don’t want to be stuck at home all the time.

So, when you want to get out and see what workspaces London has to offer, start with these great spots to work in.

You + Wi-Fi + good coffee

Cafés are a great place for freelancers to work from. As long as they have a fast internet connection and good coffee, you could stay there all day. Most cafés won’t charge you to work there, but it is expected that you’ll be ordering food and/or drinks while you’re there. Here are a few highlights:

Cafes for freelancers

  • Timberyard – This independent café is perfect for freelancers because it has its own makeshift workspace on the lower level. You’ll find meeting rooms and a quieter workspace, while upstairs is a vibrant café with lots of food and drink on offer. Open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri with slightly shorter opening times at the weekend.
  • Ginger & White – This is a cosy café that boasts comfy sofas and more work-focused communal tables. It has a great selection of cakes and all-day breakfast to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Open from early until 5.30pm every day.
  • The Hoxton Hotels – If you’re looking for a spot of luxury while you work, then many London hotels will let you work from their lobbies with access to free Wi-Fi and power sources. The Hoxton Hotels in Holborn and Shoreditch have comfortable lobbies with desks for you to work at. There’s also a great menu to keep you fuelled all day.

The Hoxton Hotels

Get focused with co-working

Dedicated co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular in major cities as the number of remote workers grows around the world. London has lots to offer if you’re happy to pay for a workspace, all with different atmospheres. Check out these London co-working spaces:

  • Soho Works – Nestle yourself in the trendy locale of Shoreditch at Soho Works coworking space. It’s a stylish place where members can work from with 24/7 access. The cheapest membership option will cost you £225 per month here.
  • Huckletree – Huckletree has three locations in London, in Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, and West London. It’s a great choice for coworking if you’re interested in the community aspect of things. As well as a space to work in, there are also lots of events and classes organised for members. A light membership costs £175 per month while full time memberships will cost more depending on what you need.
  • Oval Office – It’s not the Whitehouse, but this Oval Office is designed with creative start-ups and freelancers in mind. Membership options are varied and start at £199 per month. Members get 24/7 access plus free fruit and discounts at their café.

Oval Office

Other interesting hotspots

Do none of these catch your eye? Here are some other interesting spots to work from:

  • Google Campus – The campus run by Google is designed for start-ups. Just book in advance and you can use their space and Wi-Fi for free. Located in Shoreditch, this space is open Mon-Fri from 9am-8pm.
  • The British Library – If you like peace and quiet while you work, The British Library on Euston Road is your best option. Really knuckle down in this studious environment. Opening hours vary throughout the week, but it is open from 9.30am most days.
  • When the weather is fine, you’ve got plenty of outdoor spots to choose from. Pull up a bench in any of London’s major parks if you don’t need access to Wi-Fi, or choose a café with an outdoor area if you still need to be connected. The Hub Café in Regents Park is a good one to try out, open 8.30am-7pm every day.

The Hub Café in Regents Park

With so many options of places to work from, you’ve got no excuse to not be productive working as a freelancer in London. What’s your favourite place to work in London? Let us know in the comments below.

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