How To Minimise Plastic Use In Your Home

Plastic‘Plastic’ is fast becoming a profanity in today’s society, and for good reason. Plastic waste and the energy needed to produce plastic products have a massive impact on the environment. We consume more than 5 million tonnes of plastic each year. And that’s just the UK!

The good news is that you can make a difference! Want to know how? Read on or some easy ways to reduce plastic use in your home.

Reusable Shopping Bags 

The bag for live movement is in full swing, but it’s easy to forget yours and bring your shopping home in half a dozen plastic bags. Get your reusable plastic bags – canvas bags are even better – and keep them in your car or somewhere you’re bound to remember them.

PlasticRefillable Water Bottles 

Single-use plastic water bottles are one of the main culprits. We use and improperly dispose of so many of these. Cut these out completely and get yourself a refillable plastic or stainless-steel bottle that you can use repeatedly. Carrying a thermos flask with you also helps you cut down on single-use cups from your local coffee shop.

PlasticPlastic-free Toothbrushes

You replace your toothbrush maybe every 6 months. It doesn’t sound like a lot but if everyone’s doing this, that adds up to a lot of waste. Plastic-free toothbrushes are now available to reduce this waste and Bamboo ones are particularly popular.

Stay Away From Chewing Gum 

It’s not just the packaging that’s wasteful. Most brands of chewing gum actually contain synthetic rubber, i.e. plastic! Not only is it gross to be chewing on plastic, you also create non-degradable waste every time you throw out a piece of gum.

PlasticCardboard Packaging

Some products are available in either plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Washing detergent, for example. If you always opt for products packaged in cardboard when you have the option, your household plastic waste will drop significantly.

Buy In Bulk

Whenever you do buy products with plastic packaging, go for the biggest option possible. If you buy a jumbo pack of 36 toilet rolls, you’ll use much less plastic compared to buying a 4-pack nine times. Plus, you’ll save money!

We cant change the world overnight, but if we take small steps to reduce our plastic waste, we can tackle the problem together.

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