Meet the Team #6. Krish

Krish from STORED.

We’ve kept you in suspense for a couple of weeks but we’re back on it with the rest of the team. This week we bring you…Krish!


What is your role at bySTORED?

Head of Sales & Operations

How long have you worked at bySTORED?

I joined the team back in January 2018

What’s your favourite thing about working at bySTORED?

Having the chance to be part of a growing company and everyone getting involved and wanting to see it move forward.

What would you say sets bySTORED apart from any other storage providers?

The level of quality and service – we really care!

Talk me through a normal day at bySTORED…

No two days are ever the same here, which keeps you on your toes but also keeps it interesting

Finally, what’s your favourite colour/drink/Netflix show?

Blue/Red Bull/Game of Thrones

Cheers Krish!

bySTORED. Head of Digital at STORED.

Author: bySTORED.

The head honcho!

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