Meet the team #3.
Dan, Storage Consultant

Dan from STORED.

This week’s lucky team member is one of our storage consultant’s, Dan!


What is your role at bySTORED?

Storage Consultant

How long have you worked at bySTORED?

Several months

What’s your favourite thing about working at bySTORED? 

The other staff members!!

What would you say sets bySTORED apart from other storage providers?

The storage consultants! And the efficiency of the service!

Talk me through a normal day at bySTORED…

Get into work, have a tuna melt for breakfast, check emails, talk to people about storage, go home!

What’s your favourite TV show?

Match of the day, obviously!

Thanks Dan! Surprisingly short and sweet from one of the chattiest consultants we have at bySTORED HQ!

bySTORED. Head of Digital at STORED.

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