Meet the team #2. Chris, Head of Paid

Chris from STORED.

Chris, come on down!


Our head of paid media is a sucker for a lunchtime gym session and is TOO good at knowing his way around a G.A. dashboard…

  • What is your role at bySTORED?

Head of Paid Media

  • How long have you worked at bySTORED?

7 months

  • What’s your favourite thing about working at bySTORED?

Every sale we make! We invest so much time and effort in what we do so every sale feels like a win!

  • What would you say sets bySTORED apart from other storage providers?

Genuinely trying to create the best customer experience for all of our users. Constantly looking at our data to understand what the customer wants and actually trying to do this for them.

  • Talk me through a normal day at bySTORED…

Get in, check the numbers and then it’s really varied from there on. We’re constantly testing changes to the UX on the site, so i’ve often got designs to review. There’s always some bigger picture projects going on which will need some care and attentions too.

  • What’s your favourite drink?

A can of double espresso Starbucks!

Keep an eye out for Chris giving a constant over the shoulder look in his new role as face of the brand!

bySTORED. Head of Digital at STORED.

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