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Everyone is busy nowadays, whether it’s business, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, looking after their household and kids or simply trying to get a promotion. The ideal way to keep a busy schedule and be happy is if all the factors of your life are in harmony with each other. It’s not rocket science, but it can get tricky and exhausting if not executed with proper care.

Multitasking seems to be the new trend to keep up with life and everything around us. If you wish to stay in the loop, you have to learn to simultaneously navigate multiple things in life. It may sound overwhelming and stressful, but we have a few tips and tricks that will go a long way.

Sometimes it’s not the major things in life that bring negative vibes but the small, insignificant things that seem negligible. Disorganised closets, messy kitchen and refrigerator, not enough space to store your belongings, items lying around everywhere, these may seem trivial when you are busy experiencing big things in life. However, they are essential to maintaining an active lifestyle with contentment and comfort.

When you have proper storage in your office and home, you can easily focus on your personal and professional goals and achievements. Gone are the days when storage hunting was tedious, expensive and challenging. With STORED, the storage experience is hassle-free, secure and affordable.

Make storage efficient and aesthetically pleasing:

Add a little fun and creativity to your everyday chores if they seem challenging to you. In your laundry room, you can transfer your cleaning supplies like detergent pods, fabric softener, etc., into something prettier yet practical than the original packaging. You can go for glass containers, and they come in varying shapes and sizes.

You can install open shelves and place all your glass containers there. It will not make reaching for items more accessible. On top of that, it will feel like a little treat to your eyes whenever you do laundry.

Similarly, adding baskets to your bookshelves and open shelves will add beauty to your shelves. It will introduce practicality as well. You can store similar items in the basket, and after use, you won’t have to worry about putting them all individually back in place. You can toss them in the basket and put them back on the shelf in one swift move.

Rent the right sized storage unit for your needs:

London Storage Units like STORED provide impeccable services with a professional team that picks up your stuff and packs it well. A storage unit has multiple advantages that will come in handy. You can safely secure your belongings for as long as you need.

It can take the pressure off your daily routine if you don’t have somewhere to put things that you haven’t decided what to do with yet. Or they take up too much space and aren’t used regularly. You can store sports equipment like a canoe, rollerblades, bicycles etc., musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, drumsets, mattresses, home décor, furniture items like beds, sofa sets etc.

However, it would be best to opt for a climate controlled storage unit if you wish to store items that might get damaged by the outside environment. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps down dust and debris and keeps out rodents and insects, which can wreak havoc with stored items.

Here are a few items that will be best protected if stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. They are as follows, antique furniture, wooden furniture and other wooden things, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, garments, valuable and expensive collectables, paperwork, leather furniture and media storage equipment.

Best storage apps that enable productivity and multitasking:

Managing time is a critical aspect of keeping a healthy balance in life. Students, working, and stay-at-home parents rely on scheduling. To make everyday life easier, it will be best to download apps on your phone for scheduling and organising. It will help reduce stress and carve out a little extra time to pamper yourself or take care of other tasks.

Apps that will help you remember and organise almost anything will do wonders for you, from event planning to a grocery list to notes for work or personal use. The app should have the ability to sync your mobile device with your computer, share files and connect to other apps, making it a popular one on campuses and in busy households.

Look for a dedicated app that will allow you to quickly pay from your mobile phone by linking to your email contacts. It will enable you to stop rushing to the bank or the ATM whenever you are out of cash or need it urgently.

You should be able to register using your debit or credit card via your bank to pay bills, rent, pay for food, buy groceries and pay for the cab.




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