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Whether you rent a storage unit for personal or commercial purposes, its security is the number one feature to keep an eye on. Almost every storage facility will claim to provide secure storage units, but sadly you cannot trust them blindly.

Even the safest storage facilities can have break-ins; unfortunate events don’t give any prior warning and can catch you off-guard. Instead of going all in without any precautions or information and then regretting later, it is better to do some research.

You can search out the best safe storage units like STORED and visit the storage facilities in person. You can see as many storage facilities as you like till you get 100% satisfied with its safety features.

Safe & Secure Storage UnitsIs Your Stuff Safe In A Storage Unit?

There is no definite answer to this question. Storage facilities are generally considered safe; they usually have basic security features to keep them safe. You can choose a storage facility and rent a storage unit with full security features.

Almost every storage facility has surveillance cameras that monitor the entire facility 24/7. In today’s time, a mere security camera is insufficient for protecting a whole storage facility, which is why many storage companies are focusing on making their premise safer and more secure.

Since you trust a storage facility with your valuables, you must expect only the best. Take your time choosing a storage facility, and investigate what safety protocols are being followed; as a consumer, it’s your right.

The difference between a well-maintained storage facility and one that takes things lightly can be apparent on your first visit. Look around the storage facility to examine any security loopholes, and check their alarms and cameras. Most storage facilities happily welcome visitors to give them a tour of their premises and security features. 

Things to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

Let it be clear that storage facilities, whether indoor or outdoor, are the perfect place for any unfortunate event. Storage facilities are usually built away from residential areas in the middle of nowhere, which makes them isolated. Most people just go to their storage units and do a quick in and out; they refrain from spending much time alone.

You have to consider all the hazards a storage unit may face. There could be cases of arson and theft; there can be break-ins; we suggest you don’t skimp on storage unit only because it costs more. Compromising on a storage unit and opting for a cheap one that costs less can result in devastating effects, or you can even lose your belongings.

Storage Amenities

Some factors can contribute to making any storage facility safe and secure. Apart from the security features, you too can contribute to making your storage unit safe. Most storage facilities only provide a standard lock which is small in size and used just as a formality. You have to bring in the real deal, a heavy-duty padlock or simple lock that you can place on your storage unit.

Similarly, you can check the following amenities of any storage facility to determine its level of security.

  • Employees name tags
  • In-house van rentals and forklifts
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fencing and boundary walls
  • Exclusivity

Look for Important Security Features

We know people only store stuff that is important to them. Whether your belongings hold monetary or sentimental value, you expect them to be protected in a storage unit. If you are ready to make no compromises on security features and want only one of the best safe storage units available on the market, you have landed in the right place.

Now that you have a clear idea of what to look for in a storage facility, we will tell you some more security features to keep your eyes on. 

Guarded Entry And Exit Points

Not many storage companies offer this feature, and if you have your eyes on an outdoor storage facility, you cannot have access to this security feature. Look out for storage facilities that are built indoors and have guards on entry and exit points. 

It means no one can enter or exit the facility without registering and signing. And well, this is perhaps one of the most effective ways of protecting the storage facility. Depending on the budget, the storage facility can choose a hi-tech or primary option with on-site guards.

Keypad Entry To The Storage Unit

The good news is more and more storage companies are aligning themselves with technology and hiring third-party security firms to digitalise security systems. Keypad entry to a storage facility eliminates the need for an old-school lock and padlock. 

The tenant is given a unique passcode to open and close the storage unit’s door. This automatic lock is much more secure than a traditional lock and cannot be tempered by anyone.

Alarms And Sirens

While securing premises, security experts have much more to do than just preventive measures. They have to look beyond that and follow some protocols in case theft, or arson occurs.

While choosing a storage facility, check whether they have working alarms and sirens. Alarms also play an essential role in preventing theft or robbery in storage facilities. It gets triggered if anyone tries to pry open the doors or shutters of the storage units.

CCTV SurveillanceCCTV Surveillance

Having CCTV cameras installed at the storage facility is quite a standard practice in the storage industry. It is one of the bare minima any storage facility can do to claim that they offer secure storage units, if you are a business owner and thinking to rent business storage units, this security feature is going to help you a lot. 

When going for a storage facility, check the type of security cameras they use and whether they have high resolution or not. Ask for all the details and information till you get satisfied with the answers.

If you are a storage newbie and want to rent a storage unit for the first time in your life, just keep an open mind while you search for one. The safety of your belongings should be your priority, which means no compromises on the level of security and service.

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