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Many things can go wrong when you are relocating and moving to a new place. You have to stay on the schedule and get everything done within the given timeframe. You must ensure that all your belongings reach your new home safely, without any damage.

Glasses, plates, and glass bowls are the most fragile items in your stuff. They can get cracked or damaged from slight pressure or hard impact. Glassware is not cheap; with all the stress of moving, you cannot afford to lose it. Do you want to pack all your glasses and plates like a pro?

Don’t worry; we have prepared a step-by-step guide for packing your glasses and plates perfectly to remain safe and secure. Below are some tricks to help you achieve secure storage of glassware.

Pack Plates and Glasses for MovingCategorise Everything

Before you go ahead and start packing every plate and glass you get your hands on, take out everything from the cupboards and lay everything out. Doing so will give you a clear idea of how much stuff you must pack and how much packing material you will require.

You can categorise everything so that you can pack plates, glasses, and bowls in separate boxes without leaving a chance of a mix-up. This right here will be an ideal time to eliminate anything you do not wish to take along.

Clean Thoroughly

We understand that you are right in the middle of moving, but safety comes first. Cleaning everything before packing means you will not have to do more work when you unpack and set up your new home.

Fill up a large tub with warm soapy water and dunk all your glasses and plates in it for a few minutes. Take everything out, wash with clean water, and place on a drying rack till everything is dry. Doing this process will lessen your work’s burden after you move.

Get The Packing Supplies

All your fragile cargo requires good quality packing supplies to reach safely. Once you have a clear idea of how many boxes you need, you can go on and start collecting the packing supplies.

Specific cardboard boxes for fragile items are available in the market, known as dish barrels. They are strong, sturdy, and impact resistant, cardboard boxes are deemed best by the experts because they are sustainable and recyclable. Grab boxes in your required sizes, and have everything by your side when you start to pack.

Apart from the boxes, you should have a large quantity of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumple paper, or other cushioning material available in the market. Good-quality packing tape is also essential.

Security Measures

So now that you have all your glasses, plates, bowl, and platters ready to be packed, it’s time to prepare the boxes. You cannot just directly place everything in the box, you have to add some kind of cushioning and layers at the bottom of your box.

The first step is to seal the seam of your cardboard box tightly. You can also use a professional stapler to add an extra layer of protection. Once the bottom flaps are closed, layer double-ply crumpled paper to make a soft bed for all your fragile items.

Another security measure that will ensure all your belongings remain safe during transit is adding a lot of cushioning material; you can add packing peanuts and dividers between each piece of glass and plates.

How to Easily Pack Dishes and Stop Breaking Plates?

Now that you have prepped everything, you are ready to start packing. No matter how much stuff you got, getting over-whelmed will get you nowhere. Keep packing slowly and steadily, and you will finish the job perfectly in no time.

Everything related to home storage will take extra time and effort; if you want to safeguard your stuff, you should be willing to give your best. Below are some helpful techniques that will help you pack your glasses and plates efficiently.

Packing Techniques

Devise an assembly line to get more work done in less time. Place your box in between, a stack of packing paper on one side and a stack of plates on the other. Wrap every individual plate in packing paper and start stacking your way up.

Make sure you put heavier items on the bottom and don’t overstock. After you finish the box, you can add any spare kitchen towel or piece of cloth to cushion the box further. Packing technique matters, you cannot just chuck everything randomly in boxes and expect everything to be in one piece.

Tuck And Roll

One of the classic techniques for packing glasses is tuck and roll. You tuck some wrapping paper on the opening of your glass and roll it all over. Make sure you add sufficient layers of wrapping paper, especially if you are packing crystal glasses and fine glassware with long stems.

After wrapping up all your glasses, lay them in the box with added cushioning in the base. You can also add cushioning material to ensure everything stays snug and doesn’t move around.

Stack On Top

You can transport plates safely by stacking them on top of each other. By stacking plates, you will fully utilise the space in the box. Experts suggest taking at least two layers of packing paper while wrapping; if your dinnerware is lightweight, you can pack two to three plates together.

While you are packing plates, keep the following things in mind;

Keep heavier items on the bottom and lighter plates and dinnerware on the second layer. You can keep fragile items on the second layer, and they will stay put.

Always add padding at the base of your box; after stacking plates, add more cushioning so that nothing moves around.

Don’t stack more than two layers in a box.

Refrain from using newspaper, it is not strong enough to absorb impact, and the ink can leave stains on your plates.

Wrapping Up

Packing, organising, and decluttering are some of the most dreading tasks in moving. With our tips, as mentioned above, you can pack all your glasses and plates like a pro.

Packing and transit of all your domestic stuff are only possible with secure storage packing material. Good quality packing material is critical when moving your fragile items safely, so we suggest you to consider some good quality Storage Service provider to keep you away from all hassles.

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