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The self-storage industry is huge in the UK, people have accepted it as a norm since it is cheap and practical as well. The UK makes up 41% of the self-storage industry in Europe, it has the highest number of storage per person in the world. If you, too, want to rent a storage unit and join the bandwagon, this article might be helpful for you.

self storage industry

If you are wondering about the prices of storage in Reading, take into account that it is not cheap by any means. The prices of storage units depend mainly on their demand, which seems to be on a consistent rise all over the UK.

The storage industry has evolved a great deal in recent years, they offer services that are designed to give you a hassle-free storage experience. People often get over-whelmed as to what kind of storage unit they should choose, don’t worry we will guide you to your perfect storage unit by the end of this article.

Purpose of storage

Before going neck-deep into storage unit types, take a step back and assess your storage purpose. Gather all the things you want to store and see if they are worth paying for every month. Some people rent storage units simply because they run out of space and need to increase their storage.

Some people rent a storage unit while they are in transit and have no permanent place to touch down. A storage unit can be the perfect solution for such people. What type of storage you should choose depends entirely on the purpose and contents of your storage.

Indoor or Outdoor

The storage in Bristol is quite advanced, storage companies have diversified their services in order to cater to everyone with different needs. You can choose a storage facility that is indoor or outdoor, depending on the contents you want to store. Both storage types have their own pros and cons, so choose wisely.

If you want to store random knock-knacks like domestic stuff, clothes, or furniture, an outdoor storage unit might be perfect for you. Outdoor storage facilities have less security, they are cheap and easily accessible by anyone. An indoor storage facility is often highly protected, has higher prices, and gives limited access to people.


Reading is a prime location demographically, it is situated by the river Thames which makes it all the more popular. People living in Reading have access to all the major self-storage providers, so choosing a single one can get difficult. One important factor that plays a deciding role in choosing a storage unit is its location.

Storage Reading

A storage unit can be perfect only when it is at an accessible location. Choosing a storage unit that is closer to your residence will save you a lot of hassle in the future. You can make the best use of your storage unit if it’s near where you live, and you don’t have to waste hours driving to it. A storage unit that is close to your residence will allow you to visit it whenever you need it without wasting time and fuel.

Choose the right size

A storage unit will only be beneficial for you when you choose the right size for your belongings. The pricing of a storage unit depends mainly on its size, the larger your size will be, the higher its price. Don’t make any decision in haste, take your time and get proper consultation for the storage unit’s size if needed.

A storage unit that is too small or too large than what you need is a big no-no when it comes to the perfect storage. Choose a storage unit that is just right for you, it should not be stuffed to the brim with boxes, leaving some room for the future.

Safety first

No matter what you are storing, its safety and protection should be your number one priority. Choose storage in Reading that has adequate security protocols in place. Try to look for a storage company that provides 24-hours CCTV surveillance, protected gateways, and an indoor storage facility.

Robberies and arson are rare possibilities, but still, it is better to be safe than sorry. Choose a storage company that offers insurance and liability coverage in case anything bad happens to your belongings.

Ask for discounts and promotion

Since storage unit prices are in no way cheap, some people could only wish for a storage unit that falls under a budget. Even if you have a flexible budget, it never hurts to save some more cash. Perfect storage should be affordable, if you cannot find one, try to look for online discounts and promotions.

Almost every storage company offers promotional discounts and packages exclusively online. you can also ask your preferred storage provider to price match if you are getting a better deal somewhere else.




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